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Expanded Tax Competence of WENGER PLATTNER

May 2010

With the arrival of Alain Lachappelle as a new partner in November 2009, the tax competence of WENGER PLATTNER has experienced a significant boost.

As of January 2010, the tax team has been expanded considerably and actually consists of nine tax advisors (Alain Lachappelle, Stephan Werthmüller, Ludwig Furger, Nicolás Arias, Oliver Künzler, Jörg Hüchting, Astrid Dürig, Musa Acar, Katja Aeschlimann). As from now, WENGER PLATTNER provides legal, economic as well as tax advice as a one stop shop.

The tax team advises domestic and foreign tax clients of all sizes and branches. Particular emphasis is given to consultancy services rendered for SME as well as for private individuals domiciled in the area.

WENGER PLATTNER is highly pleased to provide a broad competence in the area of tax law with its new and powerful team.

More information of WENGER PLATTNER's tax team can be found in our current brochure.



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Legal Developments by:
Wenger Plattner

  • Restructuring and Insolvency 2010/11 Switzerland

    SECURITY AND PRIORITIES 1. What are the most common forms of security granted in relation to immovable and movable property? Are any specific formalities required for their creation and perfection (that is, made valid and enforceable)
    - Wenger Plattner

Legal Developments in Switzerland

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  • Minder-Initiative – need for action?

    On March 3, 2013, the Swiss people voted in a nationwide ballot in favor of the so called “rip-off” initiative by the businessman-turned-politician Thomas Minder...
  • Dividing estates: Auction of a property by heirs or by the State?

    Dividing an estate can be - depending on its complexity and on the behavior of the heirs - quite complicated. Swiss Law gives a possibility to heirs and/or executors to call upon the State authorities to assist them in liquidating the deceased person's estate.
  • Foreign insolvency administrators in Switzerland: The narrow and rocky path to claim recovery

    Foreign insolvency administrators facing the task of recovering assets located in Switzerland typically find themselves in an uncomfortable legal situation since:
  • Collaboration between the communities in the Canton of Zurich

    Much importance is attached to the collaboration between the different communities in the Canton of Zurich. There is hardly any community today which, because of the number and complexity of their obligations, does not need to find it necessary to collaborate.
  • Inheritance contracts under Swiss law: A valuable and binding instrument for international estates

    Inheritance contracts are only one possibility among many other matters to be kept in mind when trying to regulate one's own estate. Estate planning is, however, much more than just drawing up a will or setting up a trust or an inheritance contract. Estate planning has to be understood as an overall plan to regulate matters, while keeping in mind the possibility of retirement and the certainty of death with all appropriate consideration to the different areas of law. Following a decision recently published by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, this article tries to summarize the most important issues regarding inheritance contracts under Swiss law in an international environment.
  • Provisional measures in Swiss Patent and other intellectual property Laws

    The Swiss Federal Patent Court has recently issued a decision of relevance regarding provisional measures relating to patents. It specifies that, at least in the field of intellectual property – not only patents –, a preliminary injunction may not be obtained in order to ascertain rights on intellectual property.
  • News in limitation legal

    Am 1. Januar 2013 treten die neuen Verjährungsfristen für die Gewährleistung im Kauf­ und werkvertragsrecht in Kraft.
  • News in stock exchange law

    Am 1.1.2013 wird das Börsenrecht verschärft. Die Kontrollprämie bei öffentlichen Übernahmen wird abgeschafft, das Insiderrecht wird ausgedehnt und die FINMA erhält mehr Kompetenzen. ...
  • Cash Pooling - Options to optimize financing

    Als Cash Pooling wird der Liquiditätsausgleich innerhalb einer Unternehmensgruppe bezeichnet. Durch die koordinierte Verwendung von überschüssiger Liquidität von Gesellschaften innerhalb der Gruppe kann die Beanspruchung von Fremdkapital minimiert werden. Ferner können durch das koordinierte Auftreten gegen aussen, insbesondere infolge des grösseren Volumens, bessere Konditionen (Zinsvorteile) erzielt werden. Weniger Fremdkapital zu besseren Konditionen mit entsprechender Senkung der Fremdfinanzierungskosten ist die Folge. War Cash Pooling bis vor einigen Jahren vor allem ein Thema für Multinationals, haben mittlerweile mehr und mehr KMU's die Vorteile des zentralen Finanzmanagements für sich entdeckt. ...
  • From the tighter control of the general terms and conditions to the reforms in e-commerce

    Am 17. Juni 2011 hat das Parlament der Revision des Bundesgesetzes über den unlauteren Wettbewerb zugestimmt, wodurch unlautere Geschäftspraktiken konsequenter unterbunden werden sollen. Die Revision umfasst einerseits Bestimmungen zu den sog. «Adressbuchschwindeleien», führt die erforderlichen Angaben beim elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr auf und schränkt die Verwendung missbräuchlicher Geschäftsbedingungen gegenüber Konsumenten strikter ein. Das vorliegende Kurz & Bündig gibt einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Neuerungen, welche gemäss Bundesratsbeschluss vom 12. Oktober 2011 am 1. April 2012 in Kraft treten werden, mit Ausnahme der Bestimmung über die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB), welche erst auf den 1. Juli 2012 in Kraft gesetzt werden. ...