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April 2012

Vienna, 18 April 2012 – WOLF THEISS advised Austrian company Symena Software & Consulting GmbH, a worldwide leader in the development of software for optimising cellular phone networks, in the sale of their business to Aircom Group, an H.I.G. Capital holding.

Wolf Theiss, one of the leading law firms in Central, Eastern and Southeasthern Europe, advised Symena Software & Consulting GmbH and its shareholders on the sale of this company to the UK-based Aircom Group, which is part of the globally operating private equity investor H.I.G. Capital. Founded in 2002 as a spin-off from the Mobile Communications Group at the Technical University of Vienna, Symena established itself as the market leader in Automatic Cell Planning for improving the operation of cellular radio networks.

Partner Dieter Spranz, who managed the transaction on behalf of Wolf Theiss, notes: "For the hugely successful start-up business Symena, the integration into an international player was the next logical step in their growth process. Hence, incentivising all parties involved to leverage the obvious future synergies in an optimal way and providing the necessary legal safeguards on both sides were the specific legal and structural challenges of this transaction."

"In the dynamic environment of the high tech sector, the ability of legal advisers to accurately reflect the complex structures involving various legal systems in a contractual framework at the required speed is a key factor for success," commented Thomas Neubauer, founder and CEO of Symena.

The Wolf Theiss advisory team for this transaction was lead by Dieter Spranz and Counsel Sandra Müller. Vienna-based carpima GmbH and the former CEO of Telekom Austria, Boris Nemšić, acted as M&A advisors.

Headquartered in Leatherhead, UK, Aircom is a provider of network management tools with offices in 14 countries. Aircom is a holding of H.I.G. Capital, a fund specialised in investing in medium-sized enterprises. H.I.G. Capital administrates approximately 50 holdings in Europe and the USA, with total turnovers amounting to approximately EUR 7 billion.

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    The finance ministers of the European Union met again last week to discuss the plan of introducing a single EU financial transaction tax. According to the plan, a 0.1 percent tax would be levied on bond and capital transactions, while a 0.01 percent tax would be charged on derivatives transactions.
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