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James Fabijancic, Managing partner

James Fabijancic, Managing partner of Deloitte Lawyers Pty Ltd discusses how the firm is adapting to clients' changing needs.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Deloitte Lawyers from your competitors?

The market for legal services in Australia has become heavily focussed on solution based offerings. The highly legalistic approach which was once the norm is no longer valuable for businesses; clients need a firm that is able to display client first thinking and are co-invested with the success and objectives of the client. Our lawyers have significant commercial experience with genuine expertise in particular industries and sectors.

We are in a unique position to provide complete solutions to the challenges our clients face with the input from the wider Deloitte professional network and in particular an unparalleled ability to service multi-jurisdictional matters through the Deloitte Legal network comprising more than 1750 lawyers in over 75 countries around the globe.

We have embraced Deloitte’s culture of innovation in the delivery of our service offerings, using the benefit of data, design and digital while maintaining a focus on the client experience. We are extremely proud of our people and the culture of our firm, Deloitte Lawyers professionals are quickly identifiable by their personable approach to business while maintaining market leading expertise and skill in their fields of practice.

What practices do see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Tax has been front page news in Australia of recent times, with Senate hearings and regular public comment by senior Australian Taxation Office officials declaring a focused effort on multinationals and ensuring “appropriate levels of taxation”. The authorities have been open in their willingness to audit and litigate where necessary. Amidst this backdrop, Deloitte Lawyers is experiencing a surge in demand for tax controversy services which is expected to grow further over the coming 12 months. In preparation for this, our Practice has invested heavily in legal professionals recognised for their deep expertise and multi-faceted approach of alternative dispute resolution, litigation, forensic investigation and negotiation skills.

Demand for M&A is expected to rise dramatically over the next year, during a period when regulation and scrutiny is at an all-time high. Recent developments in Australia’s foreign investment regime have significantly strengthened the Government’s powers to deny, alter or seek divestment. This has created an unprecedented need for complete legal solutions across corporate law, foreign investment approvals, tax and regulatory compliance. Coupled with the multi-disciplinary services of Deloitte, we are able to work together with our clients to ensure coverage of all legal, financial, strategic and reporting needs.

Whatis the main change that you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Deloitte Lawyers has expanded its workforce of legal professionals through careful selection of market leading talent in key disciplines. By integrating these professionals with the wider offerings and technologies of the Deloitte brand and drawing on the Deloitte Legal Network globally, Deloitte Lawyers provides a client centric solution.

How is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you provide them?

Technology has impacted the delivery of all professional services. While many legal firms have seen this as a challenge to their business, Deloitte Lawyers has embraced the change. For example, through teaming with the forensic and digital practices within Deloitte Australia, Deloitte Lawyers is implementing various technology tools in the delivery of services. From digital access platforms to advanced data analytics tools, repetitive low value tasks are no longer performed by our legal professionals, their roles have evolved to a focus on idea generation, strategic legal consulting and helping clients achieve business imperatives. Our client interactions are more frequent and business focussed as a result.

Can you give a practical example of how you’ve helped a client add value to their business?

Deloitte Lawyers recently successfully assisted a client with significant dispute issues associated with its Australian operations. The matter involved a series of cross-jurisdictional issues involving various countries within Europe, Asia and Australia including complex issues regarding interaction of the multiple foreign legal regimes.

The matter required corporate law, administrative law, tax controversy and advisory, financial modelling, data analytics and forensic investigation. Deloitte Lawyers were able to bring local professionals to the engagement to provide a globally co-ordinated legal solution. The matter involved the examination of significant data and documents held by the organisation in various countries which was compiled, retained and accessible to both the client and Deloitte Lawyers on a Deloitte hosted technology platform.

The ability of Deloitte Lawyers to access the global Deloitte Legal Network and multi-disciplinary Deloitte offerings was critical to success.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Deloitte Lawyers has ambitious growth aspirations over the coming years and expects to build upon its significant successes of the last decade. We consider our relationships with clients as enduring partnerships and our legal professionals will continue to bring thought leadership, guidance and insight as trusted advisors. The need to keep our clients informed of trends and developments is critical to assist informed business decisions.

Australia is considered a key market for the Deloitte Legal Network and clients will benefit from the strength and stability this brings. Deloitte Lawyers will continue to grow its existing offerings through a combination of talent development and lateral acquisition, while exploring additional complimentary legal services.

In three years’ time, we aspire to be the firm of choice for our clients and our people.

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Legal Developments and updates from the leading lawyers in each jurisdiction. To contribute, send an email request to
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  • DOJ Makes the Pilot Program Permanent and Announces FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy

    The US Department of Justice ("DOJ") had announced a pilot program [1] ("Pilot Program") on April 5, 2016, which created new mitigation opportunities for companies that (i) voluntarily self-disclosed, (ii) cooperated fully, and (iii) took timely and appropriate remedial actions in FCPA matters that fell within the Fraud Section's mandate. The Pilot Program was to remain in effect for 1 year, starting from the day of its announcement. On March 10, 2017, the Acting Assistant Attorney General, Kenneth A. Blanco, announced in a speech that the Pilot Program would continue in full force until the DOJ reached a final decision on whether to extend it, and what revisions, if any, should be made to it. [2] The evaluation period of the Pilot Program ended on November 29, 2017, when Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the new FCPA Enforcement Policy ("Policy"), which effectively makes the Pilot Program permanent with some revisions. According to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, the FCPA Unit received 30 voluntary disclosures during the time period that the Pilot Program was in force, as opposed to 18 voluntary disclosures that were received during the previous 18-month period. The Policy has been incorporated into the United States Attorneys' Manual in order to "be readily understood and easily applied by busy prosecutors" as opposed to being promulgated in memorandum format. [3]
  • Effects of State of Emergency Law in Turkey On Prison Sentences Under Criminal Execution Laws

    With the Statutory Decree No.671 dated August 17, 2016, and the recent changes with Regulations No.29987 and No.29824 on Regulation Regarding an Amendment on Placement to Open Punishment Execution Facilities effecting execution of the Law No.5275 on Punishment Execution Law has introduced significant changes.
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    Supreme Court Affirms Lower Court Decision, Finding Invalid the Regulations on Foreign Exchange Report on Incorporation of Offshore Subsidiary by an Offshore Company
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    To step forward as an environment-friendly government, the Moon Jae-in Administration has announced its key environmental policies, including improving safety in chemical substances and household chemical products, and reinforcing implementation measures of the Paris Agreement.  Under the “sustainable development” paradigm, the new administration will continually promote new regulations to protect the environment and strengthen its enforcement of environmental regulations.
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  • SyCipLaw TMT Bulletin: “More Philippine Data Privacy Act: Are you Ready for Phase II?”

    Controllers and processors who have completed Phase I registration with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) will now have to gear up for Phase II. Phase II involves providing the NPC certain information on the organization’s compliance with the Data Privacy Act (DPA).
  • Crowdfunding - The Path towards a regulatory Framework

      The importance and feasibility of crowdfunding platforms is increasing in stature and importance for current and future the entrepreneurs. Malta has recently acceded to the rising trend by creating its first crowdfunding platform, ZAAR, a reward-based crowdfunding platform who has recently been awarded with the first prize in its section at the National Enterprise Support Awards 2016 also as well as being one of the local projects that have represented Malta at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2016, held in Slovakia. Nonetheless start-ups based in Malta with global aspirations often rely on international platforms. An increase in interest has emerged amongst the art and culture community as well in social entrepreneurship projects. Crowdfunding in Malta is still at the early stages of development. Despite this, there are endless opportunities for local entrepreneurs and the local business community. Research has shown that through international crowdfunding platforms, monies have been raised for projects in the field of gaming consoles, apps and software as well as for artistic projects.  Testimony to this is a new game design studio in Malta, that launched its first game, Politicks, raised financing through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.