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CLIENT: Nic Balaceanu (CEO)
COMPANY/FIRM: Lendrise Marketplace S.R.L., start-up that manages the ScoreRise mobile app
TESTIMONIAL: As a fintech company, we have had to hire Reff & Associates firm many times to help us with our legal, compliance and lately GDPR matters in Romania. I come back to Andrei Burz-Panzaru and his team time and time again, because I trust him and his colleagues. They are all efficient and effective with significant knowledge in the financial banking arena of Central and Eastern Europe. I respect Andrei's strategic and fair mind, and appreciate his follow through and quick turnaround. I highly recommend Andrei Burz-Panzaru, Lorena Rosia, Andreea Bira and Silvia Axinescu for their legal and compliance advisory services along the years.

CLIENT: Mihaela Bȋciu (General Manager)
COMPANY/FIRM: S.S.I.F. Tradeville S.A., one of the largest investment firm in Romania
TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with Reff and Associates for more than 4 years on various issues (litigation, project development, compliance assurance and general advisory tasks) and our experience has been, without fail, excellent. From the quality of work to response times, from access to top expertise to level of involvement we feel that Reff and Associates has been a great choice for us on a wide array of projects. Our overall experience was that of a sound legal partner for a dynamic and innovative business.

CLIENT: Magdalena Cristescu (Chief Legal & Compliance Officer)
COMPANY/FIRM: Intrum Romania S.A., the undisputed market leader of Europe having a wide-ranging expertise in debt collection services and credit management
TESTIMONIAL: We have cooperated with Reff and Associates in several situations of high importance to our company. We value very much the swift communication, the deep and detailed level of understanding of our business, the flexibility and availability of dedicated teams and the tailor-made solutions to the issues we have been asking for consultancy. We will certainly use their professional services in the future and recommend this consultant to interested people as well!

CLIENT: Mihai Flucus (Managing Director)
COMPANY/FIRM: InvestCapital LTD, securitization vehicle part of Kruk Group
TESTIMONIAL: During our multiple receivable assignment opportunities, we had the pleasure of cooperating with Reff &Associates while they were acting as a legal counsel, both buy-side and sell-side. The stand-out trait of this company and its professional team is represented by a knowledgeable, ethical and efficient approach towards the client needs and objectives. In addition, we have always encountered as part of their team, well-prepared professionals who are ready to offer the requested technical guidance, whilst proactively tackling connected elements.

CLIENT: Mihai Rotaru (Deputy Head of Legal)
COMPANY/FIRM: Banca Transilvania, the largest bank in Romania
TESTIMONIAL: Reff & Asociatii’s team is a reliable partner in any type of banking and financing transactions, that manages to identify, in any context, the most suitable win – win legal solutions for all the involved parties. The high quality of their services is based on team members’ sophisticated skills and expertise and also, on their perpetual inclination toward innovative tools and effective approaches.

CLIENT: Mircea Albu (Workout Department Manager)
COMPANY/FIRM: Patria Bank S.A., Bucharest-based Romanian bank
TESTIMONIAL: Reff & Associates is definitely the go-to law firm for large scale, complex NPL portfolio deals and has one of the strongest and most knowledgeable team on the Romanian market. Andrei Burz-Pinzaru has a business oriented and pragmatic approach, he is able to take the right stance between appropriate advising and recognizing that commercial contracts sometimes require reaching decisions quicker but also focusing on considered risks. Andreea Serban is excellent at issue spotting and relationship management, she is pro-active and has a deep knowledge of the NPL market. It was a pleasure working with both of them and we would certainly recommend them to any of our contacts.

CLIENT: Alina Sitaru
COMPANY/FIRM: KRUK Romania, part of Kruk Group, one of the largest debt management companies in the Central Europe
TESTIMONIAL: This firm is a true market leader in NPL projects in Romania. I have been working with Reff & Associates, particularly with Andrei Burz-Pinzaru and Andreea Serban, for over three years now on acquisitions of NPL portfolios. I rely heavily on both of them to help us easily navigate legal challenges in each deal and advise us on business sensitive issues. Andrei is our trusted advisor and an innovator, he always provides valuable insights and keeps us ahead of opportunities and market trends. Andreea is tenacious, technically brilliant, friendly and personable and very responsive. She is an excellent negotiator, balanced and fair, and always finds a compromise solution acceptable to both parties. I really value in our long-term collaboration the fact that they constantly keep our goals at the heart of their approach and they also project a unified front with us (each time we act like a single team).

Mergers & Acquisitions Practice
CLIENT: Emile Poot (Head of Corporate Development | Head of Tax)
COMPANY/FIRM: Damen Shipyards Group, the largest shipbuilding group in the Netherlands and one of the leading builders of workboats and fast craft worldwide
TESTIMONIAL: Please allow me to share some words on what makes Georgiana Singurel a great M&A lawyer and why we like to work with her.       

The primary one, obviously, is the level of trust and transparency. This makes it very easy to work together and to communicate on a very open and transparent way. There is a high degree of mutual trust.

The second reason is Georgiana’s level of experience. I know this is an obvious reason, but it is a privilege to work with a lawyer who knows what’s happening in terms of best practices and current market conditions. Each (phase of a) deal has its own set of unique circumstances and challenges and it is therefore important to have somebody like Georgiana who’s seen a lot of deals and has the practical experience to deal with any problem that may come up. 

Third, Georgiana and her colleagues have built-up quote some industry knowledge. As our industry has its unique legal considerations, having such knowledge is critical in getting the legal protection we need in the SPA and other deal-related legal agreements. There are a lot of subtleties among transactions and having the right knowledge and experience within our industry often proves to be a distinctive quality in finding such subtleties.

Fourthly, Georgiana and her colleagues know about the Damen business. Depending the type of project and specific phase of a project, Georgiana knows when to position herself as “the creator of paper work”, or as one of the key strategic advisors on a deal. Naturally, we prefer the latter if possible, however there are pre-cooked parts of transactions where time and speed are of the essence and the role of an M&A lawyer is limited to merely commodity work. This is something Georgiana very well understands and can easily adapt to.

The fifth element I would add is a high degree of pragmatism, especially required for our business / company. We’re looking for a lawyer with a deal maker mindset and one that doesn’t waste our time on items that are less relevant for us. For this, again, the Damen experience and industry knowledge are very important. In a family company like Damen, deals are always very personal and individual, and so are the objectives. Georgiana knows what to push for. She listens, and demonstrated over and over again that she knows what is most and least important to Damen.

Last but not least, Georgiana surrounds herself with a strong team. As M&A is typically not a one-(wo)man show, Georgiana has a capable and quality team working alongside them. And, also important, she knows how to strike the right balance between what she does herself and what she delegates to associates.

CLIENT: Sebastian Torneanu (Finance and Administration Manager)
COMPANY/FIRM: Grupo Antolin Spain, one of the key players in the automotive sector
TESTIMONIAL: We are working with Reff & Associates team since many years, being our core partner in all matters regarding due diligence, transactional and legal assistance. Their strong professional knowledge and skills, but also their attitude and dedication always add a substantial value to our projects. The business responsible Georgiana Singurel has always a proactive attitude and support the cooperation in all matters not only with Reff & Associates activity but also all the relationship management between our company and the whole Deloitte structure in Romania and abroad.

CLIENT: Ahmet Ahmedov
COMPANY/FIRM: Trakya Cam Sanayii A.S, one of the biggest flat glass producer in Europe
TESTIMONIAL: I firstly met Reff & associates in 2012, when our group was seeking for legal assistance in the taking over of a Romanian company. It was such an impressive experience, that we continued to work with them ever since, on all our projects – which included transaction assistance, day-to-day advice on commercial or employment aspects, as well as consultations on all various complex matters we encountered in our activity. It is a cooperation that both my organization and myself values and trusts. During all these years, the main point of contact was Georgiana Singurel, partner of the M&A legal team, whom I would describe as a great dealmaker in negotiations and a very focused and constructive advisor in all our interactions. I highly praise her expertise and know that – after all these years – she intuitively anticipates our movements in negotiations and the real key points for our organization. Hence, it is a high comfort for me to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and dedicated counsel.

Real Estate Practice
CLIENT: Ovidiu Sandor
COMPANY/FIRM: Mulberry Group, real estate development firm
TESTIMONIAL: The real-estate team at Reff, led by Irina Dumitriu, has been involved in the most significant transactions of our group of companies. They have proven to be a very competent team, with the ability to focus and deliver, sometimes under great time pressure. Besides a deep understanding of the legal aspects and a broad experience in the market, they are always aware of the commercial interests of the client and act in a way that properly balances the management of the legal risks with these commercial goals.

CLIENT: Robert Ionita
COMPANY/FIRM: NEPI Rockcastle plc, commercial property investor and developer
TESTIMONIAL: Reff & Associates represents more than just a law firm to us. They are a reliable and trustworthy business partner who we can always rely upon. Apart from well-documented and thorough legal advice provided, the practical experience and commercial oriented approach of Reff & Associates team brings added value to our projects. Irina Dimitriu’s full dedication, in particular, played a crucial role in moving forward with our recent deals.

CLIENT: Bogdana Constantinescu (Head of Legal)
TESTIMONIAL: One of the most professional team on the market with extensive experience and high technical skills. Collaboration with the real estate team is all the more enjoyable and valuable because they have a very good client approach and attention for business details. They were always prompt in delivering the services, persistent in sustaining their opinions when necessary but also flexible in accommodating various transactions structures and commercial agreements.

CLIENT: Head of Legal of one of the largest retailers in Romania
COMPANY/FIRM: confidential
TESTIMONIAL: I was particularly impressed with the Reff & Associates team’s pragmatic and business oriented approach, focused on finding balanced solutions. We especially valued their sensible legal input, business orientated, aimed at mitigating risks and closing the deal. Their solid legal knowledge, combined with an excellent understanding of the market, makes them one of the most reliable collaborators on the market and also trustful partners.

Employment Practice
CLIENT: Antoaneta Vacaroiu (Legal Consultant Romania & Moldova)
COMPANY/FIRM: Avon Cosmetics (Romania), the fifth-largest beauty company and the second largest direct-selling enterprise in the world
TESTIMONIAL: The employment team of Reff & Associates, led by Florentina Munteanu, is very professional and responsible. It are ready to answer your questions any time in formal and informal ways at the same level of professionalism and accuracy. The team is aspirational and highly ethical. We truly value the timely, sound and objective advice and the day-to-day involvement provided in every step of our activity. We would definitely recommend and look forward to work with them. 

Competition Practice
CLIENT: Vlad Tigoiu (Chief Strategy Officer)
COMPANY/FIRM: Fildas Catena Group, the third largest retailer on the Romanian pharmaceutical market
TESTIMONIAL: We have a long-standing relationship with Reff & Associates, working with them for many years, especially with the competition law team led by Florentina Munteanu. We are particularly impressed by how reliable and client-oriented they are, and we felt on many occasions that they went the extra-mile for us to find proper solutions to complex issues. We are truly grateful for their effort and collaboration. 

Legal Developments worldwide

Legal Developments and updates from the leading lawyers in each jurisdiction. To contribute, send an email request to
  • The Cayman Islands Data Protection Law, 2017

    The following information relates to the enactment of The Cayman Islands Data Protection Law, 2017 (" DPL "), which was expected to come into force on 29 January 2019, will now come into force in September 2019. The DPL will regulate the future processing of all personal data in the Cayman Islands.
  • The Mutual Funds Law (2019 Revision)

    The following information relates to the enactment of The Mutual Funds Law (2019 Revision) and the subsequent commencement of related sections of The Mutual Funds (Amendment) Law 2015. The changes require certain funds to notify the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority if they are active in EU jurisdictions.
  • Stuarts Success - Case Review: Toby -v- Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company

    Toby –v- Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company, FSD 152 of 2013 (IMJ), Judgment delivered on 29 August 2018
  • Security Token Offerings in the Cayman Islands

    Security Token Offerings (“STOs”) are an extremely popular means of fundraising for new projects and utilise blockchain technology to do so. Whilst no specific legislation has been passed by the Cayman Islands Government in connection with STOs and cryptocurrencies, it would be incorrect to say that STOs are “unregulated”.

    Black Friday is unquestionable one of the most profitable and busiest days of the year for retail, particularly online. Worldwide almost all online store do offer sales or special promotions on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Already after this practice has established online, a trademark for " BLACK FRIDAY " was registered in Germany back in 2013. In 2016 a Chinese company acquired the trademark and then filed in 2017 for its extension to Austria. Based on the registered trademark, it granted exclusive rights to an Austrian company, which licensed usage rights to various partner stores against remuneration. Further, an exclusive " Black Friday-Cooperation Program " was established. Non-partners who used the event name or trademark were prosecuted and requested to either pay a license fee or refrain from running Black Friday promotions. Some followed the request and entered into license agreements. Some, however, did challenge the validity of the trademark. Finally, respective proceedings to check the actual protection of the trademark were initiated. Austrian courts now held that the trademark " BLACK FRIDAY " is not protected in Austria .
    - Dorda
  • The Zero Carbon Bill - a closer look

    ​​​​The long-awaited "Zero Carbon Bill" was finally released on 9 May, but despite being greeted by considerable media interest there are a number of significant issues that have yet to come to the fore.
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    ​​​​A controversial payment to publishers for content in Europe has implications for New Zealand – despite escaping mention in a recent paper that set out the key issues for review for our own copyright laws.
  • News media exemption under the Privacy Act: now a matter of "responsibility"?

    The role of the news media as the "eyes and ears" of the public, and the corresponding right of such news media to be exempted from the Privacy Act 1993 ( Privacy Act ), is entrenched and well accepted. However, the extent to which the news media exemption applies to non-traditional forms of "news" published by "civilian journalists", such as online commentary and blogs, is a hotly debated subject.
  • Quarterly Update on Trade Defense Cases in Turkey (June 2019)

    The authority to initiate dumping or subsidy examinations, upon complaint or, where necessary, ex officio , has been given from the Ministry of Economy to the Ministry of Trade ("Ministry"). Within the scope of this authority, the Ministry announces its decisions with the communiqués published on the Official Gazette.
  • Company Formations - A jurisdictional guide to setting up a business

    The following article contains the Foreword in the IR Global Virtual Series brochure on 'Company Formations - A jurisdictional guide to setting up a business'.