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  • Evaluation in Mediation

    Proponents of the purist approach to mediation argue that evaluative mediation is not mediation at all. In 1996, Professor Riskin produced a grid (“Riskin’s Grid”), in an attempt to encompass within it the various dispute resolution methods commonly referred to as mediation. The Grid gave rise to a controversy amongst writers because it included evaluative mediation. This article explores the limits of mediation by considering the extent to which evaluation can be used in mediation without deviating from the basic principles upon which mediation developed.  Evaluation in Mediation "Read more..."

    I shall attempt to present a few recent court decisions on three different topics of arbitration practice. I will start with arbitral process. Second, I will present the first Cypriot Court ruling on arbitrator liability. The third topic is mandatory arbitration. For this, I will discuss a judgment of a Maltese Court which I believe to be relevant in jurisdictions with systems of mandatory arbitration.  ARBITRATION IN CYPRUS – CASE LAW DEVELOPMENTS
  • International Arbitration - Cyprus 2016

    With the emergence of Cyprus as a thriving international business centre and as the preferred place of establishment of many companies of foreign interests, Cyprus has seen a large increase in the use of arbitration as a commercial dispute resolution mechanism.

    Following our previous newsletter on the matter the Cyprus Parliament has enacted the below mention tax reforms into law and were subsequently published in the Government gazette on Thursday 16th July 2015.

    Newsletter Nicosia July 2015
  • The Republic of Cyprus Integrated Casino Resort

    The Operations and Casino Control Legislation of 2015 was enacted by the Cyprus Parliament into Law upon its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic on July 21 st  2015. 
  • Arrears Management in Cyprus: Out-of-Court Restructuring of Credit Facilities

    In light of the recent developments in the banking sector following the financial measures imposed, arrears management is an area which attracted particular interest as it has greatly affected natural and legal persons with credit facilities in Cyprus. 
  • Cyprus Banking System – The Aftermath

    The Cyprus banking sector found itself on the front line in March 2013 when the Eurogroup and the Government signed an agreement for the provision of €10 billion of financial assistance to Cyprus, according to which Cyprus Popular Bank was absorbed by Bank of Cyprus, bank deposits over €100,000 in Cyprus Popular Bank and some of those in Bank of Cyprus were used for recapitalisation through a "bail-in" of uninsured deposits.  Liquidity to the Cyprus banking sector was maintained by the European Central Bank.
  • Cyprus Insolvency Consultants Law of 2015

    The House of Representatives has passed on the 18 th  of April 2014 the new Insolvency Framework as part of the Country's undertakings towards the international providers of financial  support to Cyprus and as part of the metamorphosis of the Insolvency Regime in Cyprus. The relevant legislation forming the Insolvency Framework came into force on May 7 th , 2015, the day of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus [five laws and a set of regulations].     
  • Mediation in Cyprus – A flexible and confidential procedure

    Mediation is a flexible and confidential procedure which helps the parties to find their common ground and work towards resolving their dispute by agreement. As a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution mediation is becoming increasingly popular.