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Articles contributed by Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants

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Judicial Committe to Liquidate cancelled Projects in Dubai

February 2014 - Real Estate & Property. Legal Developments by Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

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Decree No. (21) For the year 2013


"Judicial Committee to Liquidate Cancelled Projects in Dubai"


The Ruler of Dubai, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has issued Decree No. (21) of 2013 ("Decree") setting up a Special Judicial Committee ("Committee") for the liquidation of cancelled property projects in the Emirate of Dubai and the settlement of investor disputes related to such projects. The Decree has been published in the Official Gazette Number (370) for the year (47) on the 10th of September 2013.



Collateral creation in the UAE

December 2013 - Finance. Legal Developments by Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

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In financial transactions, the most common measure of protecting the rights of creditors is to have the transaction secured by assets or debts of the debtor or by other third party security creation methods. Taking effective security specifies that the creditor can, in the event of default of payment or on the bankruptcy of the debtor, take possession of that asset, sell it and use the proceeds to repay its debt. This strengthens the position of secured creditors over other unsecured creditors of the debtor.

Legal Aspects of Medical Practice in UAE - Reportable Events, Crimes and Civil Wrongs

April 2013 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

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1. According to recently published statistics, the UAE’s medical tourism market was worth $1.58 billion in 2012 and this is expected to grow a further 6.5 per cent to $1.69 billion in 2013. The UAE- with its predominately expatriate population of around 8 million- and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are- it seems- the two jurisdictions in the GCC where the demand for medical services- and the appetite to cater to this demand- is booming. The two "senior" Emirates in the seven member federation- Dubai and Abu Dhabi- have broadly similar demographics, hospital beds and medical practitioners although in Dubai the private sector is substantially larger than the public sector whilst the reverse is the case in Abu Dhabi.


Construction Law & Practice, as published in The European Lawyer (Thomson Reuters)

March 2013 - Projects, Energy & Natural Resources . Legal Developments by Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

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1. Construction industry overview for the jurisdiction

1.1 Comment on the size and importance of the construction industry (eg what is its size in relation to the GDP of the jurisdiction? How many people does the industry employ? Is the industry profitable?).

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), formed in 1971, consists of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. The best known and the most developed are Abu Dhabi (the capital) and Dubai, and those two Emirates will be the primary focus of this chapter.


Arbitration in Dubai, March 2013 by Daniel Brawn, Galadari

March 2013 - Litigation & Dispute Resolution. Legal Developments by Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants.

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The Emirate of Dubai has long been a centre for trade and commercial activity and such activity will inevitably generate disputes. In Arabic culture, traders endeavour to settle their disputes by negotiation, either between themselves or under the guidance of a leading citizen. The growth of international trade and investment has brought a wider range of disputes and Dubai has sought recently to place itself as a centre for commercial dispute resolution. Parties to international contracts are generally unwilling to submit their disputes to the Dubai Courts, with proceedings conducted in Arabic, and therefore international contracts generally include provisions for disputes to be resolved by arbitration. The law is developing rapidly in Dubai and the purpose of this article is to provide an insight into current arbitration practice at this exciting stage of its development.