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Articles contributed by Maravela & AsociaĹŁii

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New Provisions Concerning Critical Infrastructure in Romania

October 2018 - Projects, Energy & Natural Resources. Legal Developments by Maravela & AsociaĹŁii.

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I.General context

One of the major objectives of the EU is reducing the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and increasing their resilience. An adequate level of protection must be ensured and the harmful effects of disruptions on the society and citizens must be limited as far as possible.

Critical infrastructures extend across many sectors of the economy, including communications, banking and finance, transport and distribution, energy, utilities, health, food supply, as well as key government services.

Critical infrastructure consists of physical and information technology facilities, networks, services and assets that, if disrupted or destroyed, would have a serious impact on the health, safety, security or economic well-being of citizens or the effective functioning of the government as a result of the failure to maintain those functions.

Threats to a single critical infrastructure can have a very significant impact on a broad range of actors in different infrastructures and more widely.

Moreover, the effects of those interdependencies are not limited to single countries. Many critical infrastructures have a cross border dimension. In addition to interdependencies between sectors, there are also many interdependencies within the same sector but across several European countries.

pdf Critical Infrastructure in Romania

State aid scheme in Romania

October 2018 - Finance. Legal Developments by Maravela & AsociaĹŁii.

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1. Introduction

On July 30, the Romanian Ministry of Finance issued an order launching the procedure whereby investors may obtain non-reimbursable funding for investments made in Romania.

The funding is regulated by Government Decision no. 807/2014 on the setting up of a State aid scheme having as object the stimulation of investments with significant economic impact (“Scheme”), enforced for purposes of the measures discussed herein by Order no. 2629/July 30, 2018 of the Minister of Finance approving the guide for applicant seeking financing under the Scheme.

Romanian joint stock companies: board decisions on share capital increase can be challenged

October 2018 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Maravela & AsociaĹŁii.

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Pursuant to a decision of the Romanian Constitutional Court published on August 1, 2018, board decisions regarding share capital increases can now be subject to an action for annulment.

Maravela|Asociații’s competition practice on the rise

July 2018 - EU & Competition. Legal Developments by Maravela & AsociaĹŁii.

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With an increasing work load and Client portfolio on the rise, Maravela|Asociații’s competition department sustained a considerable development throughout the past five years, driven by the passion and specialization of the entire team.