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Press releases and law firm thought leadership

This page is dedicated to keeping readers informed of the latest news and thought leadership articles from law firms across the globe.

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How do legal consultants in Dubai see cryptocurrency?

Financial consultants, bankers and investors usually fail to understand the true concept behind investment in cryptocurrency, and yet we cannot blame them for unsolicited information available through varied platforms. Thus, Corporate Lawyers of Dubai will walk you through the whole path of cryptocurrency from its emergence until now.


The bank guarantee is a very important tool in the business process it ensures that the liabilities of the debtor will be met in the event that the debtor fails to fulfill the contractual obligations; Pursuant to Article 411(1) of Federal Law No 18 of 1993 – Commercial Transactions Law (“CTL”), a bank guarantee is an undertaking issued by a bank (the “Guarantor”) to settle the debt of a client (the “Principal Debtor”) owed to a third party (the “Beneficiary”), in accordance with the conditions agreed and included in the guarantee deed, which may be for a definite or indefinite period of time”.

Are you criminally liable for Bounced Cheque?

Just as threatening the title of this article may seem, the consequences of a returned cheque or a bounced cheque can be similar in UAE. Unlike other countries, UAE imposes strict criminal charges against those who offer cheques with insufficient balance.

Demystifying The Financial Regulatory Landscape In The UAE

November 2018 - Finance. Legal Developments by Fichte & Co Legal Consultancy.

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Navigating the financial regulatory landscape of a country can be daunting. The myriad of regulators and regulations can make you feel stuck in a grey area – not a comfortable place for someone who wants black and white. Our Associate, Priyasha Corrie answered some of the most commonly asked questions of the financial regulatory system in the UAE.

Netting arrangements in Qualified Financial Contracts made enforceable

November 2018 - Finance. Legal Developments by Afridi & Angell.

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Federal Decree-Law 10 of 2018 on Netting (the Netting Law) was published in the UAE Federal Gazette on 30 September 2018 and will take effect on 30 October 2018 (the Effective Date). It is a significant development to the derivatives framework in the UAE, in terms of both the legal enforceability of such arrangements and the ability to implement close-out netting (i.e., netting of obligations following an event of default or termination event), particularly following the bankruptcy of one of the parties.

An Introduction to Corporate Guarantee

In the UAE, the risk management activities inherent in running a corporate or investment banking business remain of crucial importance, not least because of the strong local characteristic of “name lending”, by which is meant lending or providing other banking facilities to family or other private businesses, primarily on the strength of the “name” or “names” of the proprietors standing behind the business, rather than on the strength of the asset quality and underlying credit of the particular business. Of course, in practice, there is commercial overlap between the proprietors and the companies which they own, but the credit analyses can break down where poor banking practices and procedures result in poorly constructed legal documentation and gaps in guarantee and security support documents.

An Introduction to Personal Guarantee

The economic boom in UAE has resulted in huge developments and a considerable increase in trade. This in turn has led to a rise in transactions which require a fast debt recovery mechanism. According to common practice in the UAE, the most secure and quickest method is the post-dated -  and in some cases undated – cheque. This is often requested by creditors (financial institutions) and sellers, mostly in real estate transactions and trade. The rationale is mostly economic to individuals who are issuing the cheque, and how does personal guarantee play a role? In this Article, we attempt to analyze and overview UAE laws on Personal guarantee.

No cap on judicial fees in Abu Dhabi: analysis and effects

September 1 2014

Will the new legislation about court fees deter frivolous lawsuits or punish those with justifiably high claims? Zouhdi Yakan, Partner-Law House Advocates & Legal Consultants, weighs up the consequences.

The Banking Regulation Review - UAE Chapter

May 2013 - Finance. Legal Developments by Afridi & Angell.

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The past year has seen a substantial improvement in the performance of banks and financial institutions in the UAE. Adequate provisions have been made for most nonperforming loans, banks are once again aggressively competing for good assets and 2012 bank results show substantial improvement in profits.

Salient provisions of the draft UAE Federal Bankruptcy Law

May 2012 - Finance. Legal Developments by Hadef & Partners.

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James Farn, Partner and Head of Banking & Finance in Hadef & Partners’ Abu Dhabi office, details the salient provisions of the draft UAE federal bankruptcy law and their practical effect on conducting business in the UAE.

The Restructuring Review

March 2010 - Finance. Legal Developments by Afridi & Angell.

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Dubai Financial Support Fund to spearhead restructuring of Dubai World

December 2009 - Finance. Legal Developments by SNR Denton.

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The Government of Dubai issued a press release on 25 November 2009 confirming that, through its Supreme Fiscal Committee (SFC), it has authorised the Dubai Financial Support Fund (DFSF) to spearhead the restructuring of Dubai World with immediate effect.

Islamic finance update

May 2009 - Finance. Legal Developments by SNR Denton.

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On 30 April 2009 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (Academy) of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) closed its 19th session. The Academy is composed of senior Shari’ah scholars representing Muslim member countries of the OIC. It is considered to be the most prestigious and high-ranking body of Shari’ah scholars in the Muslim world. Compliance with its resolutions, while not statutorily binding, is considered to be extremely important and persuasive.

Commercial Rules for Bankruptcy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

May 2009 - Finance. Legal Developments by Al Tamimi & Company.

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The laws on bankruptcy in Saudi Arabia are not extensive nor has their application been well tested. Saudi law dealing with bankruptcy is not very detailed and in broad terms it is left to the parties to make an agreement with each other or Shari'ah principles are applied and the relevant court will decide the matter.


May 2008 - Finance. Legal Developments by Al Tamimi & Company.

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By Marcus Wallman and Sonya Stewart  Our most productive investment remains our people. It is through the dedication, skill and initiative of our people that Visy Industries has prospered and will continue to move ahead” Richard Pratt, Chairman, Visy Industries



We now receive an increasing number of enquiries about long term incentive plans.  These enquiries range from “what are they?” (which is a valid question given the broad range of alternatives available, as discussed below) to “how can we set up a scheme in our company?”. 


These schemes have become an established component of senior and mid-level executive remuneration offered in overseas markets, particularly in the context of listed companies.  With the significant economic growth being experienced within the UAE in recent years has come an increasing demand from local companies for world class executives.  These companies are finding that they need to offer remuneration comparable to that being offered around the world when competing for executive talent.  Employee share option and other long term incentive plans are important components of these packages.