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Integrated into the global firm's international corporate and securities group, Baker McKenzie's Taiwan-based capital markets team acts for domestic and multinational companies seeking public offerings and debt registrations on local and foreign stock exchanges. In one notable highlight, Alex Chiang and Mark Tu, as Taiwanese counsel, advised Advanced Semiconductor Engineering on a joint share exchange transaction with Siliconware Precision Industries, with a view to forming a new holding company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Tu, alongside Joseph Fu, assisted Cathay Life Insurance with the public offering of almost $1.2bn in subordinated corporate bonds. James Hsiao and Wen-Yen Kang are also recommended.

Baker McKenzie - Mandarin translation: Baker McKenzie的台湾当地资本市场团队是分布全球的国际公司和证券团队的一部分,帮助国内和跨国公司公开募股和当地和国外证券交易债务注册。 该公司的成功案例包括,担任台湾顾问的Alex Chiang和Mark Tu 帮助日月光半导体制造公司与矽品完成联合股票交换交易,以成立控股公司,并在台湾股票交易所和纽约股票交易所上市。  Tu和Joseph Fu帮助国泰人寿保险股份有限公司,以附属公司债券形式获得12亿美元公共募股。James Hsiao 和 Wen-Yen Kang 也是公司精英。

Raymond Wang leads Jones Day's capital markets team, which advises corporates and financial institutions on matters including IPOs, high-yield debt offerings and asset-backed offerings. The group also handles American Depository Receipt (ADR) and Global Depository Receipt (GDR) programmes and domestic and foreign exchange listings. Highlights included assisting Strong H Machinery Technology as the issuer applying for an IPO and listing on the TWSE. It also acted as local counsel to Neo Solar Power Corporation on its issue of a multimillion-dollar Euro convertible bond offering. Associate Peggy Lee is another key name with capital markets expertise across a number of industries.

Jones Day - Mandarin translation: Raymond Wang率领Jones Day的资本市场团队,帮助公司和金融机构提供首次公开招股、发放高收益债券和资产抵押服务。 该团队还帮助美国存托凭证和全托存托凭证计划,以及国内外证券交易。 该团队的辉煌业绩包括,帮助强信机械科技股份有限公司申请首次公开招股并在台湾证券交易所上市。该团队还作为当地顾问,帮助 新日光能源科技股份有限公司发放数百万美元的海外可转换公司债。 该团队中的Peggy Lee 精通多个行业的资本市场知识。

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law provides 'the highest level of service on the Taiwan market' for local capital markets instructions. Of particular note is the group's expertise in Formosa Bond issuances, but it also regularly handles asset-backed securitisations and IPOs on the TWSE. Debt capital market expert Patricia Lin stands out for providing clients with 'consistent quality' and is supported by C T Chang and the 'responsiveAbe Sung. Recent highlights include advising Comisión Federal de Electricidad as the issuer of $750bn Formosa Bonds due in 2047; the first Mexican entity to issue a bond in Taiwan. In another stand-out matter, the team assisted TPK Holdings, a Cayman company listed in Taiwan, with an international offering of $237m Global Depository Shares. Hsin-Lan Hsu has experience in off- and onshore offering matters.

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law - Mandarin translation: Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law提供符合当地资本市场规定的“台湾最高水准的服务”。 该公司的主要专长领域在于发行宝岛债券,除此以外,该公司还提供资产抵押证券和台湾证券交易市场首次公开招股服务。债务资本市场专家Patricia Lin为客户提供“始终如一的高品质”服务,并获得 C T Chang 和“反应迅速”的Abe Sung的鼎力支持。 该公司的近期业绩包括,帮助Comisión Federal de Electricidad发放2047年到期的7500亿美元宝岛债券; 这是在台湾发行债券的首家墨西哥实体。 另一业绩为,帮助一家开曼群岛公司TPK Holdings 在台湾上市,成功发行2.37亿美元全球存托股票。Hsin-Lan Hsu具备离岸和在岸招股经验。

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm's team predominantly handles matters related to the issuance and trading of securities, and has a particular strength in the regulation of securities firms. The group also advises foreign clients on IPOs and listings on the Taiwan securities exchange. Dual Taiwan and New York-licensed Jackie Lin and the experienced Janice Lin are the key names, while Yvonne Liu, Randy Tsai and Lynn Lin regularly handle capital markets work. The group acted as Taiwan counsel for Goldman Sachs (Asia), Morgan Stanley & Co. International and Credit Suisse Securities (USA) as the joint underwriters of the initial offering of $884m American depository shares by Sea Limited, for listing on the NYSE. It also acted as local counsel to China International Capital Corporation as the lead underwriter on Foxconn Industrial Internet's IPO on the China A-shares market.

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm - Mandarin translation: Tsar & Tsai Law Firm主要从事证券发行和交易相关事务,且精通证券公司监管。 该公司还帮助国外客户首次公开招股和在台湾证券交易市场上市。 经台湾和纽约认证的Jackie Lin和经验丰富的Janice Lin均是该公司的骨干;Yvonne Liu、 Randy Tsai 和 Lynn Lin 负责资本市场业务。 该公司担任高盛亚洲、摩根士丹利国际 和瑞信证券美国的台湾顾问。这些公司是Sea Limited的8.84亿美元美国存托股票首次招股的联合承销商;Sea Limited旨在在纽约证券交易所上市。该律师事务所还作为中国国际金融股份有限公司在当地的顾问;中国国际金融股份有限公司是富士康工业互联网股份有限公司在中国A股市场的主要承销商。

Gary Hung leads the capital markets team at Chien Yeh Law Offices, which primarily assists Taiwanese and foreign enterprises with listings on the TWSE and the Taipei Exchange. It also regularly advises on fundraising in overseas markets and applications to the Investment Commission for investment approvals. Highlights included advising KGI Securities as the underwriter for Top Bright Holding, which has subsidiaries in Brunei, China, Hong Kong and Samoa, on an IPO due diligence project. With a desk in Tokyo, the firm is also well placed to advise Japanese clients. Ke-Cheng Yang has particular expertise in overseas companies listing in Taiwan. Ally Chen is another key practitioner.

Chien Yeh Law Offices - Mandarin translation: Gary Hung 是Chien Yeh Law Offices的资本市场部经理;该团队帮助台湾和国外企业在台湾证券交易所和中华民国证券柜台买卖中心上市。 该团队还帮助海外市场募资和向投资委员会申请投资批准。 其成功业绩包括,帮助KGI Securities作为Top Bright Holding的承销商首次公开招股尽职项目。Top Bright Holding在文莱、中国、香港和萨摩亚设有分公司。该公司的东京办事处能为日本客户提供服务。Ke-Cheng Yang精通海外公司在台湾上市。Ally Chen也是公司的主要骨干。

K&L Gates is able to draw on its international presence to provide a full equity capital markets service to domestic and international clients with securities issues in Taiwan and abroad. The team, led by Jacqueline Fu, advises a diverse client roster, including international banks, asset managers and other financial institutions. James Chen has a particular niche in assisting businesses entering the PRC market and has advised issuers and underwriters on several IPO and B-share listings in the jurisdiction. Cheryl Hsieh specialises in IPOs on the TWSE and TPEx. Billy Chen, who made partner in 2018, is another key practitioner. The group was lead counsel to Aslan Pharmaceuticals, a Cayman company listed in Singapore, on its $33m IPO on the TWSE.

K&L Gates - Mandarin translation: K&L Gates 利用其全球业务网络,向持有台湾和国外证券的国内外客户提供全面的股权资本市场服务。 该公司由Jacqueline Fu率领,为各类客户提供服务,其中包括国际银行、资产经理人和其他金融机构。James Chen 在帮助企业进入中国市场方面经验丰富,曾数次帮助股票发行商和承销商在台湾首次公开招股和B股成功上市。Cheryl Hsieh专门从事在台湾证券交易所和中华民国证券柜台买卖中心首次公开招股。Billy Chen于 2018年加入公司,成为公司的骨干。 该团队是一家在新加坡上市的开曼群岛公司Aslan Pharmaceuticals的主要顾问,帮助其在台湾证券交易所首次公开招股3300万美元。

Lin & Partners Attorneys-At-Law stands out for its expertise in structured product transactions, including equity- and debt-linked derivatives, where the team regularly advises investment banks, institutional investors and issuers. The group is also well versed in IPOs on the TWSE and offshore exchanges, convertible bonds and depository receipts. In two separate IPOs, the group advised In Technical Productions and KML Technology Group on their listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  George Lin and Kaiju Lee , who have significant capital markets and securities experience, are the names to note.

An established name for capital markets, the team at Russin & Vecchi (International Legal Counsellors), led by Thomas McGowan, has expertise in public and private securities offerings, including ADRs, GDRs and Euro-convertible bonds issued by Taiwan-listed companies, and the issuance of Formosa bonds by international financial institutions for sale to professional investors. Echo Hsu handled a number of major Formosa bond issuances in 2017-2018, including for Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

Russin & Vecchi (International Legal Counsellors) - Mandarin translation: 以Thomas McGowan为首的Russin & Vecchi (International Legal Counsellors) 是资本市场的领先公司,擅长公共和私人证券发行,包括台湾上市公司发行的美国存托凭证、全球存托凭证和海外可转换公司债券,以及国际金融机构向专业投资者发行的宝岛债券。Echo Hsu 负责2017年至2018年宝岛债券的数次发行, 其中包括花旗集团、摩根大通、美国和澳洲银行和新西兰银行集团。

Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law handles IPOs (including foreign stock exchange listings), equity and debt issuance and derivatives for a variety of issuers and underwriters. Li-Pu Lee and Hung Yi Kuo are the key contacts.

Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law - Mandarin translation: Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law专门为各大发行者和承销商提供首次公共招股(包括国外证券交易)、股权和债券发行和衍生品。Li-Pu Lee 和 Hung Yi Kuo 是该公司的主要联系人。

KPMG Taiwan draws on its international accounting acumen and auditing capabilities to advise domestic and internationals on IPOs in Taiwan and listings abroad, predominantly in Hong Kong, China and the US. Alan Jih and Lawrence Ong are the practitioners of note.

KPMG Taiwan - Mandarin translation: KPMG Taiwan 利用其国际财会和审计方面的专长,帮助国内外企业在台湾首次公开招股并在国外(主要集中在香港、中国和美国)上市。Alan Jih 和 Lawrence Ong 是该公司的精英。

Amy Chin and Brian Yu jointly head LCS & Partners' capital markets team, which includes Victor Chang and Chi-Hsi Chao. The group advises domestic and foreign issuers on public securities offerings in Taiwan and, as international counsel, frequently assists listed companies in Taiwan with issuing GDRs offshore. Historic clients include the Taiwan High Speed Rail Company, Sanofi and IIH Group.

LCS & Partners - Mandarin translation: Amy Chin 和 Brian Yu 共同经营资本市场公司LCS & Partners' ;该团队包括Victor Chang 和 Chi-Hsi Chao。 该团队帮助国内外股票发行者在台湾公开发售证券,而且作为国际顾问,该团队常帮助在台湾上市的公司发行离岸全球存托凭证。 该团队曾为台湾高速铁路股份有限公司、 Sanofi 和 IIH Group提供服务。

Grace Chou and Chung-Teh Lee jointly head Lee, Tsai & Partners' capital markets team, which principally acts for clients in the media and technology sectors. The group advises local and foreign clients on securities offerings, listings, financing, direct investments and venture capital-related issues. With offices in Shanghai and Beijing, the firm is also able to assist clients with operations in China.

Lee, Tsai & Partners - Mandarin translation: Grace Chou 和 Chung-Teh Lee 是Lee, Tsai & Partners 资本市场团队的负责人;该团队的主要服务对象是媒体和科技行业客户。 该团队为国内外客户提供证券发放、上市、融资、直接投资和企业资本相关事务服务。 该公司在上海和北京设有办事处,能够帮助客户在中国的业务。

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