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Baker McKenzie's team stands out for its banking and finance acumen, assisting domestic and international banks, corporate borrowers and government agencies with the spectrum of transactions and advisory issues. In addition to handling government project financing mandates, the group has a particular niche in trade and aircraft acquisition financing. Highlighting his expertise in banking M&A, Justin Liang, alongside Hao-Ray Hu, advised ANZ Taiwan on the transfer of its retail and wealth management business to DBS Taiwan by way of a demerger, in exchange for a $289m cash consideration paid by the buyer. In another stand-out matter, Bee Leay Teo advised the Taiwan subsidiary of ING Bank on the $1.2bn acquisition of receivables from Winstron through a receivables purchase agreement. Murray Bowler is a key name for project finance.

Baker McKenzie - Mandarin translation: Baker McKenzie是银行和金融领域的领头羊,为国内外银行、借贷公司和政府机构提供各种交易和咨询服务。 除了负责政府项目融资以外,该公司在贸易和飞机收购融资方面也独占鳌头。 Justin Liang和Hao-Ray Hu凭借其在金融并购方面的专长,帮助澳盛銀行以2.89亿美元高价通过分拆的方式成功转让其零售和财富管理机构于星盛银行。 另一成功案例为Bee Leay Teo帮助ING Bank台湾分行通过应收款项购买协议向Winstron收购12亿美元应收款项。Murray Bowler 是项目金融方面的金牌律师。

'Top of the market', Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law has a commanding presence in the Taiwan banking and finance sector, providing a wide variety of professional services for local and foreign banks, securities firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions, as well as corporates across a number of industries. The team is led by Robin Chang, who is noted for his 'profound knowledge and experience', particularly in banking M&A and the establishment by international banks of Taiwan operations. Together with Stephenson Harwood, securitisation expert Abe Sung, as local counsel, advised the Taiwanese subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank as the lead arranger on a $430m syndicated financing facility granted to Formosa Resources Corporation. Patricia Lin has considerable M&A finance expertise, while Sarah Wu is recommended for project finance work.

Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law - Mandarin translation: “市场之骄子” Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law 在台湾银行和金融业占据主导地位。该公司为当地和国外银行、证券公司、保险公司和其他金融机构,以及其他行业的企业提供广泛的专业服务。 该公司总经理Robin Chang具备“精湛的专业知识和丰富的经验”,尤其擅长银行并购和在台湾建立国际银行。 证券专家Abe Sung作为当地顾问与Stephenson Harwood 协助法国东方汇理银行台湾分行向台塑资源公司发放4.3亿美元银团融资。Patricia Lin 具备丰富的并购金融知识;Sarah Wu则擅长项目金融业务。

The team at Chien Yeh Law Offices stands out for its expertise in the range of banking and finance issues as they relate to corporates and financial institutions. Led by  Chien-Ting Yeh, the team is well-versed in banking disputes - in addition to reorganisations, M&A and regulatory compliance issues. Senior counsel Frank Chang is another key practitioner with significant experience in financing, particularly in relation to investment funds. Clients include Fubon Securities, United Overseas Bank and the International Cooperation and Development Fund, which is an affiliate of the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chien Yeh Law Offices - Mandarin translation: Chien Yeh Law Offices 凭借与企业和金融机构的密切关系,具备丰富的银行和金融专业知识。 该公司在Chien-Ting Yeh的带领下,擅长解决银行纠纷、种族、并购和合规业务。 高级顾问Frank Chang在金融,尤其是投资基金方面经验丰富。 该公司客户包括富邦证券、大华银行和台湾外交部附属的国际合作发展基金。

Leveraging the firm's global presence, Jones Day's team, led by Raymond Wang, is particularly noted for handling cross-border financial transactions alongside its domestic workload. Areas of expertise include conventional secured and unsecured commercial loans; project financing; real estate facilities; and acquisition, recapitalisation and debt financing. The team is assisting Taishin International Bank with matters pertaining to a loan extended to Joy Wealth Asia. It is also advising King's Town Bank on various structural and lending issues. Associate Ethan Su is also recommended.

Jones Day - Mandarin translation: 由Raymond Wang率领的Jones Day利用公司在全球市场的业务,除了国内事务以外,还擅长境外金融交易。 其专业领域包括传统的抵押和无抵押商业贷款、项目融资、房地产业务、收购、资本结构调整和债权融资。 该公司目前负责台新国际银行向Joy Wealth Asia的贷款, 以及京城银行的各项结构和贷款事务。 合作人Ethan Su也是该公司的杰出人才。

Lin & Partners Attorneys-At-Law advises investment banks, institutional investors and financial service providers on a range of banking and finance matters, including equity-linked derivatives, a variety of structured products, corporate finance, convertible bonds and financial services-related M&A. The group has also developed a niche in the emerging domestic fintech sector; having advised the payment entity of a multinational corporate on local licensing and compliance issues. In another recent novel matter, it advised  a Malaysian bank on the provision of a loan involving Islamic finance. Managing partner George Lin leads the team and has particular expertise in Taiwanese banking regulations. He also has also been appointed chief arbitrator in a number of banking arbitrations. Kaiju Lee is another name to note.

Lin & Partners Attorneys-At-Law - Mandarin translation: Lin & Partners Attorneys-At-Law 向投资银行、机构投资者和金融服务机构提供银行和金融服务,包括资产挂钩衍生产品、各种结构性产品、公司金融、可转换债券和金融服务相关的并购。该公司还在新兴国内金融科技业占据一席之地,为一家跨国公司的支付实体提供当地许可和合规服务。 除此之外,该公司还为一家马来西亚银行提供伊斯兰金融贷款服务。 管理合伙人George Lin精通台湾金融规定。 他还被任命为数家银行仲裁机构的主仲裁员。Kaiju Lee 也是该公司的重要人物。

Thomas McGowan at Russin & Vecchi (International Legal Counsellors) is highly regarded by clients and peers alike. The group specialises in the spectrum of project and transport-related financing, but the practice has expanded to include fintech and other developing areas of Taiwanese law. Recent highlights include advising a lender and agent on the provision of a high-value loan facility to a mixture of European and Taiwanese companies to refinance existing debts. Hwei-Yu Cho is a key name for cross-border and syndicated financing transactions, including aircraft leasing. Lisa Wang is another figure of note.

Russin & Vecchi (International Legal Counsellors) - Mandarin translation: Russin & Vecchi (International Legal Counsellors) 的Thomas McGowan深得客户和同行爱戴。 该公司专门从事各种项目和与运输相关的融资,并擅长金融科技和台湾法律的其他发展中领域。 该公司近期成功帮助一家贷款机构和中介向数家欧洲和台湾公司提供高价值贷款用于债务再融资。Hwei-Yu Cho 是跨境和银团融资交易,包括飞机租赁方面的专家。Lisa Wang 也是该公司的一大能人。

Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law advises banks, corporations and sponsors on the range of banking and finance issues, including the formation of new banks, the establishment of operations in Taiwan by foreign banks and the establishment of offshore financial centres. On the transactional side, the group has expertise in loans, project equity and financing. Ya-Fen Lin, Delphine Chen and Chun-Yih Cheng are the names to note.

Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law - Mandarin translation: Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law 为银行、公司和赞助商提供银行和金融服务,包括新建银行、国外银行在台湾建立运营机构和离岸金融中心的设立。 该公司在交易方面擅长贷款、项目股权和融资。Ya-Fen Lin、Delphine Chen和Chun-Yih Cheng也是该公司的优秀人才。

Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law handles corporate finance issues including term loans, syndicate loans, project finance, letters of credit, leasing and the sale and purchase of non-performing loan portfolios. The group is also experienced in structuring international credit agreements and contentious banking matters. Li-Pu Lee and Hung Yi Kuo are the key contacts.

Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law - Mandarin translation: Formosan Brothers Attorneys at Law 负责企业金融事务,包括长期贷款、银团贷款、项目融资、信用证、租赁以及不良贷款组合的销售和购买。 该公司还在构建国际信贷协议和银行业务诉讼方面颇有经验。Li-Pu Lee 和 Hung Yi Kuo 是该公司的主要联系人。

K&L Gates' team works in tandem with the firm's global office network to advise lenders, borrowers and underwriters on a range of cross-border financing transactions, including major project financing mandates. The team has particular expertise in assisting international financial institutions with the launch of financial products in Taiwan. James Chen, who has vast experience handling matters in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Indonesia, and regulatory compliance expert Christina Yang are the key practitioners.

K&L Gates - Mandarin translation: K&L Gates' 凭借覆盖全球的办公网络,为借贷方和承销商提供各种跨境融资交易服务,包括大型项目融资授权。 该公司尤其擅长帮助国际金融机构在台湾推出金融产品。James Chen在台湾、中国、新加坡和印度尼西亚各地具备丰富的事务处理经验;合规专家Christina Yang是主要骨干。

The banking group at LCS & Partners acts for borrowers and lenders, including banks and other financial institutions, on a variety of private financing transactions. Historic highlights for the group, which is jointly headed by Grace Ku and Mark Harty, include advising The News Lens as the target company of series B financing via investors based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It also assisted Chang Wah Electromaterials and Chang Wah Technology, as the borrowers, with obtaining acquisition financing of approximately NT$6.9bn in syndicated loans. David Chuang and Alex Yeh are also noted.

LCS & Partners - Mandarin translation: LCS & Partners 的银行团队为借款人和贷款人,包括银行和其他金融机构提供各种私人融资交易服务。 该团队的成功业绩包括团队领导Grace Ku 和 Mark Harty帮助关键评论网通过新加坡、香港和台湾的投资者完成第二轮融资。 该团队还帮助长华电材股份有限公司和长华科技通过银团贷款获得约69亿新台币的并购融资。David Chuang和Alex Yeh也是该团队的杰出人才。

At Lexcel Partners, David Tsai, Jeffrey Liu and Stacy Lo are the key contacts for banking and finance work. The group has extensive experience in project finance, but it stands out for its regulatory compliance practice, which encompasses AML and data protection issues as they pertain to the banking industry. In addition to traditional banking work, the team also has expertise in emerging financial technologies.

Lexcel Partners - Mandarin translation: David Tsai、 Jeffrey Liu 和 Stacy Lo 是 Lexcel Partners在银行和金融方面的主要联系人。 该团队在项目融资方面经验丰富,而且在合规,包括反洗钱和数据保护方面处于领先地位。 除了传统银行事务,该团队还精通于新兴金融技术。

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm's team, which includes Jackie Lin and Janice Lin, has experience drafting and negotiating loan and security agreements for domestic and foreign banks, as well as a variety of financial institutions. In the contentious sphere, it handles the collection of debts and bankruptcy proceedings for banking clients. Building on the group's particular expertise in project work, it is also recommended for project finance mandates, for which Lillian Chu is the key contact. Yvonne Liu has expertise in the e-commerce space.

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm - Mandarin translation: Tsar & Tsai Law Firm 中有Jackie Lin 和Janice Lin两员大将。该公司专门为国内外银行和各种金融机构拟定和协商贷款和证券协议。 在诉讼案件方面,该公司为银行客户收取欠款并处理破产程序。 该公司凭借在项目工作方面的专业技术,帮助客户完成项目融资; Lillian Chu是这方面的主要联系人。Yvonne Liu 擅长电子商务。

Under the leadership of Kunchou Tsai, 'outstanding' boutique firm Enlighten Law Group has a niche in target redemption forward and discrete knockout disputes that relate to high-risk derivative financial products. The firm is also at the cutting edge of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, recently advising SDChain on an initial coin offering project intended to finance its research – a matter that involved regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions, restructuring and the drafting of agreements with various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Enlighten Law Group - Mandarin translation: 在Kunchou Tsai的领导下, “百里挑一的”精品公司Enlighten Law Group 在高风险金融衍生品相关的目标可赎回远期合约和欧式触及出场远期合同领域独占鳌头。 该公司还掌握了区块链和加密货币的前沿技术,近期帮助SDChain完成数字货币首次公开招股项目,作为其研究资金。该项目涉及多个管辖区合规、重组和各种加密货币交换协议的拟定。

The key figures in Yangming Partners' team are Mark Ohlson and Charles Hwang. The group primarily acts for parties involved in cross-border financial transactions. It also assists clients with project financing deals under leveraged buy-out transactions.

Yangming Partners - Mandarin translation: Yangming Partners' 的核心人物为Mark Ohlson和 Charles Hwang。 该公司的主要业务为跨境金融交易。 该公司还帮助客户通过杠杆收购完成项目融资。

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