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Drawing on effective enforcement tools

Specialist IP panels have been created in Bucharest and have developed solid case law, as they have exclusive jurisdiction over all trademark cancellation and revocation cases. Choosing the right forum can therefore be crucial.

Aiming for Consistency

While protection for well-known marks is in place, there are some contradictions in the treatment of fame

The protection of well-known trademarks has its roots in Article 6bis of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property – to which Romania is a founding member – whereby signatories undertook to refuse or cancel the registration, and to prohibit the use, of a trademark which constitutes a reproduction, imitation or translation of a well-known mark, and is liable to cause confusion with that mark. 


Author Dragos M Vilau 

The legal framework for the protection and enforcement of IP rights in Romania is as follows:

Infringement of Trademarks Protecting the Form and Packaging Shape of the Products

December 2008 - Intellectual Property. Legal Developments by Buzescu Ca.

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The recent Decision no. 962 of June 4, 2008 of the Bucharest Tribunal set a precedent in Romania regarding the protection of the product form, and packaging shape of the product by registered trademarks.

Intellectual Property Newsletter

At the beginning of each season Voicu & Filipescu releases a specialized newsletter on Intellectual Property Rights. Besides outlining the legislative developments of the previous trimester, the firm’s newsletter also comprises a cover article on a legal matter of interest to the business environment. Read our 2008 spring issue, including “Copyright under Romanian laws”, a thorough analysis drawn up by the firm’s lawyers.

Trades Secrets Protection under the Romanian Law :

Following the implementation in the domestic law of the Trade related Aspects of Intellectual Property Treaty, the Romanian Unfair Competition Law defines the trade secret as an information which is not generally known or is not easily accessible to the people usually dealing with this kind of information, which derives economic value from the fact of being secret and for which the legitimate holder took the reasonable steps to keep it secret. Anything may be a secret of economic value: a process, an error to avoid, an invention, an idea, a discovery, a prognosis, a list of clients or suppliers, a strategy, the source-code of a software, a formula, a fact.

New Customs Proceedings in Romania Regarding the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

February 2006 - Intellectual Property. Legal Developments by Buzescu Ca.

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The Law no. 344 of 2005 on Measures for Insuring the Compliance with the Intellectual Property Rights within Customs Proceedings (“Law no. 344”) entered into force on February 3, 2006. Law no. 344 brought significant amendments to the procedure introduced by Law no. 202 of 2000.

According to Law no. 344, in order to have an intellectual property right monitored by the customs, the owner of an intellectual property right (“IP Owner”) must file with the Customs Authority a special Declaration whereby:

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