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This page is dedicated to keeping readers informed of the latest news and thought leadership articles from law firms across the globe.

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Romanian joint stock companies: board decisions on share capital increase can be challenged

Pursuant to a decision of the Romanian Constitutional Court published on August 1, 2018, board decisions regarding share capital increases can now be subject to an action for annulment.

How can the Romanian Constitution be revised

Although its stability over time represents the essence of the Romanian Constitution (the “Constitution”) and of any constitution, such fundamental law within the Romanian legal system should at the same time, at any moment, represent both a frame of reference for the Romanian social, political and economical life and a reflection of such. Given the accelerated changes within the society, in order for the Constitution to be brought in line with the overall social, political and economical evolution and perspectives, a procedure for its revision and also the limitations in what regards the possibility for the Constitution to be revised are established by this fundamental law itself. .


March 2012 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Peli Filip.

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As of 1 October 2011 the New Civil Code approved under Law no. 287/2009, as amended, will enter into force. The New Civil Code brings major amendments to contractual law in general, including to the legal regime of lease agreements.

Better Business in Romania - Corporate

Cornel Popa, Partner Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

Cristian Radu, Managing Associate Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

Business activities in Romania may be carried out as a rule by companies (which may be owned without any restrictions by Romanian or foreign shareholders) or by other forms of business organizations such as authorized individuals, individual undertakings or family undertakings within the framework set out in the Companies Law No. 31/1990 (the Companies Law) and the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 44/2008 on the performance of business activities by authorized individuals, individual undertakings and family undertakings (GEO 44/2008). 

Public Procurement and Concessions

Serban Pâslaru, Partner Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

Vlad Cercel, Managing Associate Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

Public procurement, concessions and public-private partnerships in Romania are regulated by a set of enactments which set forth the legal framework within which co-operation between the public sector and the private sector may be established with a view to developing public projects with the involvement of the private sector.

Romania's Civil Code Where Do We Stand After 147 Years?

Robert Roşu, Partner Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

The basis of the modern judicial system in Romania is laid out in the Civil Code, Criminal Code, Civil Procedure Code and Criminal Procedure Code, originally drawn up under the Romanian ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1864 in order to reflect the realities of a rapidly evolving society in Romania at that time. 

Abuse of Rights under the New Civil Code of Romania

Christina Vlădescu, Partner Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

A substantial change brought about by the New Civil Code of Romania (NCC), with a potential impact on future case law, is the codification of legal doctrine and case law on the concept of abuse of rights.

Romania's Gambling Law Amendments. A Lawyer's Analysis

Cristian Radu, Managing Associate Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

  The Romanian government recently passed Government Decision No. 823/2011 which amends and supplements the functioning of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 77/2009 on the organisation of gambling activities - the primary piece of legislation for the sector. This new enactment had a particular focus on the online gambling market and has introduced, for the first time, conditions for the licensing of online gambling operators and for the organisation of online gambling activities

Settlement reached in Romanian construction dispute

October 2011 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Buzescu Ca.

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A Romanian subsidiary of Canadian construction company Canam has settled its long running dispute with two
local businesses over the building of an office block in Bucharest.

The Corporate Governance Review




Public Procurement Procedures

May 2009 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Buzescu Ca.

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Legal Framework Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34 of 2006 on the Award of Public Contracts, Public Works Concession Contracts and Services Concession Contracts (“GEO 34”) implements the main provisions of the relevant EU Directives with regard to the public procurement.

News in Laws - Legal Newsletter March 2009

Read the cover article “Judicial Reorganization – the Solution for a Current Problem”, with an interesting comparison between reorganization under Romanian legislation and in other jurisdictions.  The March issue of our legal newsletter “News in Laws” also provides you with recent legal updates in the Romanian legislation.

News in Laws - Legal Newsletter November 2008

The November issue of our monthly publication “News in Laws” is now available for download, covering the legal updates of the previous month and an in-depth cover article written by our specialized lawyers following recent amendments to the legislation regulating public procurement in Romania (Public Procurement – Steering towards More Flexible Regulations?). newsletter_november

Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

At the beginning of every season Voicu & Filipescu releases a specialized newsletter on Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions. Besides outlining the legislative developments of the previous trimester, the firm’s newsletter also comprises a cover article on a legal matter of interest to the business environment. Read our 2008 spring issue, including “The Company Law is Amended Again!”, a thorough analysis drawn up by the firm’s lawyers.

Dealmaking in Romania: lessons for foreign acquirers

M&A Activity in Romania has surged in the last few years primarily due to strong foreign direct investment.



Negotiable Instruments - The Bill Of Exchange, The Promissory Note And The Cheque. Notion...

Negotiable Instruments - The Bill Of Exchange, The Promissory Note And The Cheque. Notion, Regulation, Practical Use

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