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Press releases and law firm thought leadership

This page is dedicated to keeping readers informed of the latest news and thought leadership articles from law firms across the globe.

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Dynamic Contracts: Changing employment practices in the digital era

November 2018 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by IR Global.

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Digital platforms designed to deliver professional services are changing the European employment landscape as both employers  and workers look for more flexible ways to work.

The pioneers of the digital platform and gig-economy phenomenon are service providers such as  Uber and Deliveroo, but the model has now spread to many other industries.

As a result, digital platforms have raised many legal questions and are subject to ongoing debates  in various countries. One of the main questions pertains to the legal qualification of the  digital platform worker; i.e. are they truly independent workers to be classed as  entrepreneurs who lack the protection of labour law, or are they employees who do enjoy full  labour law protection?

Another possibility is a hybrid classification (known as a worker in the UK) which offers  entitled to a select set of labour law protection.

Absent specific legislation on digital plat- form work, governments in developed economies are  struggling with the legal, social and economic impact of platform work. There have been an  increasing number of litigation suits in the USA, UK and continental Europe including, most  recently, the Netherlands.

New Late Payments Directive

Despite the implementation of Directive 2000/35/EC on combating late payment in commercial transactions in 2002, the European Commission (the “Commission”) concluded in 2008 that late payments were still widespread in the EU. It also turned out that public authorities in certain Member States were stipulating unjustifiably long contractual payment periods for transactions.

New Corporate Law Legislation

In the field of corporate law, there are four (coming) Acts that attract attention, namely the introduction of the tenth book of the Dutch Civil Code, the amendment of the Marital Property Act and, to conclude, the coming entry into effect of the Management and Supervision Act and the Flexibilization of BV Act. Please find below a short explanation of each Act.

Forming a company in the Netherlands

November 2011 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Russell Advocaten .

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The Netherlands and Dutch law The Netherlands is a perfect business location for foreign entrepreneurs (2,000 subsidiaries in Amsterdam, 140,000 jobs). It is the gateway to densely populated Western Europe and has a well-developed logistic and technical infrastructure.

Legal milestone: Enterprise Chamber grants Clients Council right of investigation

September 2010 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by BarentsKrans N.V. .

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Legal history was made recently when a clients' participation council (‘cliĂ«ntenraad’) of a care institution exercised its right of investigation (‘enquĂȘterecht’).

No Consent, No Cookie: New Rules for Online Advertising

On 22 June the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (the “Working Party”), the consultative body of the European privacy protection authorities, published an opinion that gives substance to the amended rules for “online behavioral advertising”. Prior consent is required for the placing of cookies, and the information requirements are also forced up.

Delay in Pursuing Bunker Claims Can Be Fatal

May 2009 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by AKD.

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Shipping is not immune to the credit crunch. It may be international, but so too is the credit crunch, so money in shipping will be tight for the foreseeable future.

OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises

This article refers in general terms to the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises and provides an overview of the work of the OECD in the field of corporate governance of state owned enterprises. 

Update of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code

November 2008 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by BarentsKrans N.V. .

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The Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee has published a report with proposals to update the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. In this article you will find a summary of the proposals.

Dealing With The Dutch Part III

Air law - discusses the legal aspects of air transportation with a focus on the transportation of cargo. Insolvency law -  discusses a number of questions with regard to insolvency. Administrative law - When you set up a business in the Netherlands, there are many detailed government regulations you will have to deal with. Immigration law - discusses the rules for immigration. Diplomatic mission - discusses the limits of diplomatic immunity and how they are defined, the consequences of diplomatic status and the situations in which Dutch law is applicable

Dealing with the Dutch

The Netherlands is widely regarded as an important gateway to Europe due to its strategic position. Having been a trading nation for centuries, it has an open economy and a global outlook. In addition, the country offers a highly skilled, multilingual workforce and a high quality of living. As a consequence, the Netherlands has always been a popular business location for foreign companies.

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