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Protecting your Trademark in China

Protection of trademarks is one of the most difficult legal and commercial issues with which foreign companies have to grapple while operating in China. In many cases, foreign companies start operating in China after they have already acquired a strong reputation for their products worldwide. However, when they try to file a registration application for their trademark to the Chinese trademark authorities, they suddenly discover that there has been a prior registration of an identical or similar trademark for the same or similar products/service.

IP Client Update - Sunrise Period for Registering TDL with Hebrew Characters

September 2010 - Intellectual Property. Legal Developments by Herzog Fox & Neeman .

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The Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) has announced that, as of August 30, 2010, it is now offering an option to register Top Level Domain Names in Hebrew characters.

Israeli Intellectual Property Law Updates

New Office of Chief Scientist Instructions for Special Applications and Approvals in the Frame of the R&D Law

The New Israeli Copyright Law – Renovation of Israeli Copyright Laws

On November 19th, 2007, the Israeli Knesset passed a new Copyright Law, 5768 - 2007 (the "New Law"), repealing the Copyright Law, 1911 (as amended) and the Copyright Ordinance, 1924 (together the "Old Laws"), although they remain in effect until the New Law comes into force in May 2008. The New Law reinforces existing rights and provides new rights and protections to reflect new major technological and legal developments over the past 100 years.