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Royal Court Civil Proceedings - A Shift From Ladbroke on External Lawyers' Fees?

The limits of cost recovery in Guernsey litigation is an ever present issue for clients. It is even more acute where external lawyers are engaged because of the need for specialist assistance. This article explores those limits, with a focus on external lawyers' fees and the leading 2008 case of Ladbrokes PLC v Galaxy International Ltd.

Guernsey’s New Trust Legislation

A brief overview of the key changes to the Island's Trust Legislation taking effect on Monday 17 March 2008 Much of Guernsey's economic success over past decades has been due to its adaptability and flexibility to react to changing market situations and conditions.


At its October sitting, the States of Guernsey passed a commencement ordinance bringing the Royal Court (Reform) (Guernsey) Law, 2008 into force.

Atkinson Ferbrache Richardson - Tribunals in Guernsey

Many people are familiar with attending the Court in Guernsey, even if only for buying a house or making a will. In the past, members of the public would also have gone to Court to resolve a dispute, or to pursue an appeal but times are changing. Now, in several specific matters claimants will have to appear in front of a tribunal - not the Court – to pursue their claim.