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  1. Shipping – Leading silks
  2. Shipping – 2018 silks
  3. Shipping – 2019 silks
  4. Shipping – Leading juniors

Shipping – Leading silks

  1. 1
    • Simon Croall QC Quadrant ChambersInstructed by heavyweight Chinese clients.
    • Timothy Hill QC 20 Essex StreetA ferocious and tenacious advocate who can think outside the box and look at problems from different perspectives.
    • David Lewis QC 20 Essex StreetHe provides very swift and clear advice.
    • Luke Parsons QC Quadrant ChambersOne of the best out-of-the-box thinkers at the Bar, he leaves no stone unturned.
    • Lionel Persey QC Quadrant ChambersIn the top flight to preside in a technical case.
    • Simon Rainey QC Quadrant ChambersAn accomplished advocate whose main strength is that he inspires confidence with clients.
    • Robert Thomas QC Quadrant ChambersA strong advocate who can focus on the key legal issues in cases with many strands.
    • Nicholas Vineall QC 4 Pump CourtVery user friendly, approachable and calm.
  2. 2
    • Michael Ashcroft QC 20 Essex StreetVery bright indeed – a good strategist who provides excellent submissions and skeletons.
    • Nigel Cooper QC Quadrant ChambersInstructed in challenging disputes, some of which with governmental involvement.
    • Michael Davey QC Quadrant ChambersHis work includes wet shipping cases.
    • Philip Edey QC 20 Essex StreetInstructed in wet and dry shipping arbitrations.
    • Alexander Gunning QC One Essex CourtA superb advocate – very sharp, but in a graceful manner.
    • Nigel Jacobs QC Quadrant ChambersVery thorough, his knowledge of the law is superb and he is very easy to work with.
    • Chirag Kaira QC Quadrant ChambersInstructed in energy-sector maritime cases.
    • Charles Kimmins QC 20 Essex StreetFirst-class; very attentive and a great advocate.
    • Simon Kverndal QC Quadrant ChambersHe had a good overall knowledge of the subject, and is extremely user friendly.
    • Duncan Matthews QC 20 Essex StreetHe brings a good strategic and commercial mind to the game.
    • Michael Nolan QC Quadrant ChambersHis practice includes challenging Asian maritime arbitrations.
    • Sean O’Sullivan QC 4 Pump CourtInstructed by Chinese shipyards and their customers.
    • James Turner QC Quadrant ChambersInstructed in challenging shipbuilding disputes as well as vessel collision cases.
    • Timothy Young QC 20 Essex StreetA popular choice for Singapore dry shipping cases.

Shipping – 2018 silks

  1. 1
    • Yash Kulkarni QC Quadrant ChambersA very level-headed thinker.
    • Thomas Macey-Dare QC Quadrant ChambersVery detailed and technicaly strong, he can absorb highly technical documents and add great value.
    • Jern-Fei Ng QC Essex Court ChambersInstructed in shipping disputes across Asia.

Shipping – 2019 silks

  1. 1
    • Christopher Smith Quadrant ChambersInstructed in high-value cases by some of the world’s leading shipyards.

Shipping – Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • Stewart Buckingham Quadrant ChambersHighly competent and punching above his call.
    • Ben Olbourne 39 Essex ChambersA highly efficient arbitrator who identifies issues early on and helps parties keep things on track.
    • Nevil Phillips Quadrant ChambersA top QC without the badge – a terrier and the ideal add-on to any winning team.
  2. 2
    • Tom Bird Quadrant ChambersIntelligent, commercial and a nice guy too.
    • Benjamin Coffer Quadrant ChambersHe has amazing intellectual ability and a unique talent to simplify difficult problems to make them understandable.
    • Stephen Du 7 King's Bench WalkA Chinese-speaking barrister instructed in shipbuilding arbitrations.
    • Henry Ellis Quadrant ChambersInstructed in maritime and commodities litigation and arbitration in Singapore.
    • Paul Henton Quadrant ChambersVery responsive, articulate and clear, he thinks commercially rather than in a legal vacuum.
    • Christopher Jay Quadrant ChambersHe will not shy away from taking sensitive and difficult, but valid, points.
    • Andrew Leung Quadrant ChambersA future star of the English commercial Bar.
    • Simon Milnes 20 Essex StreetInstructed in shipping and commodities disputes with parties across Asia.
    • Natalie Moore Quadrant Chambers ‘She has a first-class mind, is commercially astute and a skilled and persuasive advocate.
    • Gemma Morgan Quadrant ChambersShe can easily hold her own against QCs on paper and in hearings.
    • Caroline Pounds Quadrant ChambersInstructed in Korean shipbuilding disputes.
    • Andrew Stevens 4 Pump CourtA popular choice for disputes with Chinese elements.
    • Paul Toms Quadrant ChambersHe combines strong analytical skills and legal knowledge.
    • David Walsh Essex Court ChambersInstructed in shipbuilding and cargo claims cases.
    • Alexander Wright 4 Pump CourtFrequently instructed by Chinese shipyards.
    • Colin Wright 36 StoneInstructed in Hong Kong dry and wet shipping cases.

4 Pump Court’s links to Hong Kong segue into a particularly strong practice regarding mainland Chinese shipyards. Nicholas Vineall QC represents a British marine survey company in a dispute with a Chinese shipyard concerning a bespoke $20m vessel.

7 King's Bench Walk’s Stephen Du, who is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, is instructed in shipping-related arbirations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Alongside shipbuilding arbitrations, 20 Essex Street’s members also handle charterparty disputes, cargo claims and all manner of other matters concering the operation of vessels. Duncan Matthews QC represented Dana Shipping & Trading – a Singapore company – in a London Court of Appeal case against a Hong Kong business concerning the proper serving of arbitration notices.

Essex Court Chambers’s Jern-Fei Ng QC represents shipyards and shipping operators from across the region in various dry shipping matters.

In addition to various work concerning dry shipping, Quadrant Chambers is also active in vessel collisions and other wet shipping matters. Members were involved on both sides of a dispute between the owners of two vessels which collided 17km off the coast of Busan in 2013, causing $55m of damage; Luke Parsons QC and Gemma Morgan acted for the owners of the Maritime Maisie, and Benjamin Coffer for the Gravity Highway, in the matter which settled before reaching a hearing in the London Admiralty Division.

36 Stone’s Colin Wright is also called to the Bar of Hong Kong, where he handles cases including vessel collisions. He represented Eleni Maritime in a complex vessel collision involving several issues of liability and limitation funds.

Alongside his arbitrator practice, 39 Essex Chambers’s Ben Olbourne acts as counsel on dry shipping matters and shipbuilding disputes.

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