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Private Practice Powerlist: US-Mexico 2019

Private Practice Powerlist > US-Mexico

Private Practice Powerlist:
The leading US attorneys with a focus on Mexico

For over 30 years, The Legal 500 has been analysing the capabilities of law firms around the world. Over the last five, we have expanded our legal analysis to include corporate counsel, again, on a global scale. This has been reflected in our GC Powerlist series, recognising the leading corporate counsel in a number of markets. We have also launched GC and fivehundred magazine, which focus on the in-house and private practice markets, respectively. Most recently, we have begun the development of the Private Practice Powerlist, in which The Legal 500 has sought to focus upon key individual practitioners with outstanding expertise in, and knowledge of, particular jurisdictions. more


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Sponsor message

This will mark the third consecutive anniversary in which González Calvillo has partnered with The Legal 500 in sponsoring this Private Practice Powerlist: US-Mexico. However, 2019 has been an entirely different year from the two prior exercises. While in 2018 our message on this issue reported record-breaking headcount, revenue and profit levels for major law firms in our country, 2019 has not been as kind.

After being in office for nearly a year, and as a consequence of what has been widely seen as a series of erratic decisions by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his administration, a slowdown (to the level of stagnation) of Mexico’s economy is well underway as we write these words. These decisions have generated market uncertainty and increasing concerns for investors from abroad, and especially domestic investors. The cancelation of key infrastructure projects including the long-awaited and much needed new Mexico City airport, pending rounds for oil blocks in the Gulf of Mexico, and of international bids for renewable energy projects, jointly with a replacement of these projects with some that, at best, have questionable technical, social, and economic feasibility (e.g. Santa Lucia airport, the Dos Bocas Refinery, and the so-called Maya train), have caused local and international investors to become concerned about our government´s ability to generate the economic growth levels vowed during the 2018 presidential campaign. Furthermore, significant reductions in government salaries and coordinated attacks on independent government agencies, have instigated lifetime public servants with relevant career expertise to leave key governmental positions, undermining the administration’s capacity to properly manage the country’s public affairs.

In an attempt to counter the foregoing, some strategies by the administration include seeking to reform the Mexican pension system by providing greater flexibility to allow for the investment of pension fund flows in different financial instruments. AMLO (as the President is popularly known in Mexico) has also issued a number of tax incentives for certain transactions carried out in Mexican stock exchanges, a measure that seeks to incentivize corporations toward the use the securities markets in Mexico. Finally, AMLO very recently heralded a government-spending program that some expect will generate important economic activity.

On the international front, a strong US economy trend has continued to benefit Mexico with, among others, all-time highs in remittance payments from Mexican immigrants into our country, and a growing demand for Mexican products, services and tourism. Also, Mexico has profited from trade wars between the US, China and Europe, generating a positive forecast due to the successful renegotiation of NAFTA in the form of the USMCA/ T-MEC/ CUSMA (pending to be ratified by the US Congress).

So, the nature of the legal work in our country has rapidly evolved. New laws and new more aggressive political strategies defy the traditional approach to lawyering. It is in this context that the list of US lawyers and law firms recognized by The Legal 500 this year is likely to reflect these different trends by including new names and faces, who in turn bring new experiences and greatly needed expertise along with them.

González Calvillo, S.C. has once again the privilege of congratulating all lawyers that have been selected for due and merited recognition after the usual and expected level of research made by The Legal 500 during many months of work.


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