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Legal Reimagined is a series of events that looks at future focused solutions to today’s challenges for in-house legal executives operating at the highest level in business in the UK.

The purpose of Legal Reimagined is to provide a forum in which senior legal executives can pool their collective experience and insight to drive solution led conversations around their key challenges.

We believe these events are unique in not only do they offer a forum to share experience, insights and strategies but our mission is to go beyond the ‘talk shop’ event, focusing on solution led conversation which supports the strategic, practical and personal facets of a highly complex role. We aim to harness the power of legal executive ‘peer to peer’ insight, coupled with collaborative advisory input, to facilitate collective solution finding. At the heart of our aim is to turn ideas into actions.

Working in collaboration with an Advisory Group of General Counsel, drawn from diverse organisations in each location, the heart of our aim is turn insights and ideas into positive actions and to do so together.

How we run the Legal Reimagined programme

The Legal 500 and KPMG have been working with the legal executive community to identify, contextualise and frame their key challenges and opportunities. This is an evolving process which will feed the Legal Reimagined pipeline.

The Legal 500 and KPMG in the UK have over the past 6 months been listening to feedback from the in house community and have identified key challenges, business imperatives and opportunities. This approach of listening and creating community will underpin each event and knowledge sharing post event and will continue inform future topics, formats and actions in the Legal Reimagined Programme.

Challenges and opportunities are distilled into Topics around which to build Legal Reimagined collaboration events.

Ahead of each discussion event, we will meet with our Advisory Group to get their insight and input on the content agenda for the event. The Advisory Group will help drive the outcome based and solution orientated discussion. As well as sharing best practice and experience, we will also explore ‘what if’ scenarios to stimulate new ideas and solutions.

The events are designed to capture your solution focused insight and to share it back with delegates after the event to facilitate turning ideas into action.


Today’s most astute clients are actively redefining how their legal services are delivered.

Increasing business pressures, complex regulatory challenges and geo political uncertainty all mean that getting the internal counsel and external advisor relationship working effectively for your business has never been more important.

In-house legal executives also have to align closely with their organisation’s strategic business issues and their most pressing legal challenges are often multifaceted and complex. They require a multi-disciplinary approach and it’s often no longer the most effective answer simply to always engage the services of a standalone law firm to solve these challenges.

“If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got” (Albert Einstein).

Our KPMG lawyers operate in a multidisciplinary professional services environment, giving them seamless integration and insight which results in more effective output for our clients. We work with a range of clients up to the FTSE 100 and have extensive knowledge and experience of international markets from working closely with our global client base and global legal practice, now employing over 2300 lawyers in 76 counties.

“Our Purpose: to be leading drivers of innovation and change in legal services for the benefit of our clients, powered by talented people who love what they do”

At KPMG we go beyond delivering high quality legal services to supporting legal executives in all aspects of their role. Whether it is helping with capacity and short term talent needs, working with you to transform your legal team, providing strategic insight into your business needs, or offering state of the art services around project management and cost control for large projects, we want to support you.

  • We leverage the benefits of an integrated and multidisciplinary practice
  • Technology, insight and innovation underpin everything we do
  • We nurture diverse and inclusive talent to provide rewarding and sustainable careers
  • We offer a globally connected legal advisory network
  • We listen to what our clients want, building and shaping accordingly

For details on the people who would deliver your solutions and gain insight on our credentials, please take a look at our website and our microsite on

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Value – Toolkit

Advisory Groups


Rob Booth
The Crown Estate

Jenifer Swallow

Matt Wilson

Julia Boyle

Catriona Macritchie

Kenny Robertson

Amy McConnell
Vodafone Business

Ana Jordan
Lloyds Bank

Anna Suchopar

Justine Campbell

James Sullivan

Nathalie Salunke

Patricia Christias
Microsoft UK

Nicola Brooks

Simon McCall
KPMG Boxwood

Nick Roome

Caroline Kenny


Darren Drabble

Elspeth Doyle
Bibby Distribution

David McGlennon
Daisy Group

Helen Hayes

Katherine Thomas

Louise Waldek

Mark Yates
Co-op Bank

Mike Elston
BAE Systems

Adam McArthur

Ed Bartlett

Paul Kelly

Nick Roome

Lucie Grant
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Phil Davies
Tata Chemicals


"There is a heap of management science and corporate philosophy already out there from which we can learn and make great progress. To do that, Reimagined is looking to 'let go of special' and leverage similarity and analogy. Reimagined is one of a refreshing set of new initiatives, where 'the tribe' are coming together to push the envelope."
Rob Booth, general counsel, The Crown Estate

"Reimagined is the shift in legal services from a non-dynamic 'tick the box' requirement to a business partner with a diverse team. In-house legal teams who do it well focus on the delivery of their business’ priority outcomes as their north star and have business buy-in on where they add the most value."
Patricia Christias (CELA), head of legal, Microsoft

"The key conclusion on value from me is the in-house community’s increasing sophistication around the subject of ‘adding value’. Moving away from justifying, and instead focusing on data that helps the team itself measure progress, eg on risk management, efficiency, workflow and the contribution of our partner providers."
Jenifer Swallow, former general counsel, Transferwise

"There is some great stuff here and a strong theme around being part of the business rather than merely advisory on the sidelines. I come back to our, admittedly aspirational strapline that we want to lead the business..."
Julia Boyle, director of legal affairs, Telefonica

"We need to reduce ego and stop assuming lawyers know best. By harnessing the skills, talents and diversity of our colleagues elsewhere in our businesses - especially the analytical skills - and synthesising them with the legal training of our teams, we can make more accurate, more informed decisions."
Matt Wilson, associate general counsel EMEA, Uber

"In the 'do more with less' era, we need to learn from others and stop reinventing wheels. We are business partners, critical friends, risk mitigators, doers, innovators and so much more. Legal Reimagined gives me the opportunity to leverage a pool of very talented peers, stress-tested ideas to take back into my business, knowledge sharing and critical discussion about the future of our industry."
Lucie Grant, Thermo Fisher

"Internal clients have too become significantly more sophisticated in how they deal with their legal teams (wider societal engagement on legal issues such as privacy has helped that). As a result the way in-house legal teams structure themselves to work as an intrinsic part of their client teams rather than ‘advisors’ makes a big difference to the impact the legal function can have across their business."
Caroline Kenny, associate general counsel, Facebook

"A very good session – I very much enjoyed exchanging views with a very knowledgeable group of GCs"
Mark Maurice-Jones, GC and compliance officer, Nestlé

"The event focused on a topic that was clearly important to senior legal execs, which was apparent from the enthusiasm by which people shared their thoughts and experiences. There was a wide cross section of industries represented and from companies at different stages of their lifecycles, but it was clear that demonstrating your team’s value is high on everyone’s agenda. "
Christian Fahey, VP, legal affairs, Inmarsat