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Editor's Letter

When people hear the name, many ask if the magazine is only designed for those in the top legal job. Not at all. We are using the term ‘general counsel’ in its broadest sense. Our aim is to focus on the entire in-house experience, including the specific issues that crop up when working as a key part of the business. Our parent company The Legal 500 has launched GC as part of its ongoing commitment to providing quality and pertinent content for in-house counsel across the globe.

Nowadays, most company lawyers are, or will have to become, much more than just lawyers. For many of you, the reality is that legal can only occupy a fraction of your time. You need to be able to turn your hand to a whole range of issues, both legal and non-legal.

It’s that term ‘general’ that is the key differentiator from private practice lawyers. Even in some of the largest legal teams where there is greater potential for specialisation, the nature and demands of working so integrally with the business necessitate a greater breadth of knowledge, plus the ability to apply it practically and effectively. Being able to focus on the law in narrow parameters is not an option for most of you. But frankly, you wouldn’t want it to be.

In conceiving of this publication we conducted market research with our future readers, and we listened closely. The magazine is available in both print and digital form. The hard copy is portable. Articles are accessible in a variety of ways, via speed reads and top tips. GC is quarterly so we’re not overwhelming you with content you won’t get around to reading. Most importantly we’re making it all about your voice and your experiences - not the thoughts of your outside advisors on what you should be thinking or doing.

A new kind of lawyer

The in-house lawyer’s role has changed immeasurably in the last 20 years and will continue to change as companies operate in an increasingly regulated world; one where managing risk is no longer just the remit of the legal department but must be considered throughout the whole business. What might this new breed of general counsel look like? They will have to be more integrated and more strategic than might have been deemed appropriate previously for in-house lawyers. The will need to know all aspects of their business intimately. They may even aspire to lead the company one day!

The trend among the most progressive legal departments globally is to characterise themselves as much more than legal, and resist the traditional siloed approach of being just the legal team.

To function most effectively as a lawyer in business you need to understand the aims and objectives of that company holistically. An increasing number of GCs are undertaking MBAs or executive training to assist in further mastery of their role as a ‘business person who is also a lawyer’. An increasing number of you now feel that to access the top jobs in the best companies a business-orientated view is vital.

One of GC’s key missions is to feature articles by business and management theorists in a format which is applicable to in-house lawyers.

All of our articles have been written with the following thought in mind: how is this relevant to the practical day-to-day activities of you, our readers? We are situating your challenges and your experiences at the heart of everything we write about.

Catherine McGregor

Catherine Rodgers
Editor and Features Writer

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