Dinner with GC: Houston

Our Dinner with GC in Houston took place on 26 July 2016 at Quattro at The Four Seasons and was held in association with Bracewell.


Catherine McGregor


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The landscape for business has changed incrementally in the city over the last couple of years due to the fall in oil prices, which has had a knock on effect to a number of related industries. Over dinner, we considered some of the calibrations of the GC role and the relationship between inside and outside counsel.

Around the table, we had representatives from the three stages of the life cycle of the oil and gas sector: Susan Lindberg US general counsel of Italian based Eni Petroleum, Dave DeVeau general counsel of KinderMorgan and Jeff Kaplan who is the general counsel of Lyondell Basell.

Also in attendance was Greg Bopp, the managing partner of Bracewell. The discussion was hosted by GC Magazine, Editor in- Chief, Catherine McGregor.

The topics under discussion included:

  • Many GCs are now firmly entrenched as part of the C-suite. We considered the opportunities and risks this change brings with it.
  • The decline in oil prices has changed the business landscape for the energy industry and we discussed how has it affected the GCs’ roles and relationships with outside counsel and for law firms how has it shifted the ways in which they help clients.
  • Finally, the legal landscape looks very different today in regards to options for legal service providers – we talked about the way this has changed how the general counsel present view their own work load and how has that changed the way they both select and interact with outside counsel?

The full article on the discussion will be published in the Autumn Issue of GC Magazine in September.