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Winter 2017

Guerrillas in the midst: The search for peace and prosperity in Colombia

Winter 2017

The notion that peace could ever be perceived as anything but positive would be a foreign concept to most. But in Colombia, the ongoing peace process to end the continent’s longest-running domestic conflict has a nation divided. GC travelled to Bogotá to investigate the ongoing impact on the business and legal environment of a country striving to start a new chapter.



Alejandro Rubilar, DocuSign

Winter 2017

Alejandro Rubilar describes how a stable financial sector, coupled with a push for world-class regulatory standards, have made Chile a competitive market for both local and foreign players.



Notes from the AG

Winter 2017

Paraguay’s former Attorney-General, Roberto Moreno, walks GC through reimagining the office of the AG, navigating political minefields and defining Paraguay’s place in South America.



Adriana Plana, Fox Networks Group
Latin America

Winter 2017

GC hears how a commercially-minded legal team is supporting the growth ambitions of Fox’s go-getting Latin American operation.



Crises, consumers and growing controls: trends in financial regulation in South America

Winter 2017

GC considers key themes among the regulatory approaches of South American countries to the financial sector.



Alejandro Anderlic, Microsoft

Winter 2017

GC finds out how Microsoft is helping the Argentinian government effect digital transformation.



Tick Tock… The new age of legal operations

Winter 2017

Former Silicon Valley litigator Chris Sundermeier chats about his company’s software-based tool for online reputation management and the implications of new privacy regulations.



Nicolás Cuadros, Philip Morris International

Winter 2017

Nicolás Cuadros talks GC through launching a smoke-free device for consuming tobacco within a regulatory framework that has yet to shake off the stigma of cigarettes.



Colombia Roundtable: cybersecurity and data protection in the age of hacking

Winter 2017

Posse Herrera Ruiz

As cybersecurity and data protection become front of mind issues for businesses across Latin America, The Legal 500 assembled elite in-house counsel from across Colombia to discuss the implications.



Playing the game

Winter 2017

Could game design be about to revolutionise legal services? GC finds out how in-house and private practice teams are toying with gamification in an effort to improve the delivery of legal services.



Defining value

Winter 2017

David Burgess, The Legal 500

David Burgess, publishing director of The Legal 500, considers what really matters when selecting a law firm, as well as previewing some major initiatives ahead in 2018.




Winter 2017

Paul Hastings; Pay Pal; Catherine McGregor

A pioneering GC with a passion for diversity, Wanji Walcott shares practical advice for fostering diversity and inclusion in the law, and discusses some of the initiatives currently underway in the business community.



Ringing the changes: combatting corruption in South America

Winter 2017

GC investigates anti-corruption measures across South America as the continent comes to terms with a series of scandals that have turned an increasingly intense spotlight on murky business practices, ushering in a new era of compliance.



Francisco Baquerizo, Citibank

Winter 2017

Francisco Baquerizo describes the flood of regulations impacting Colombian consumer banking – and how Citibank is adapting its operating model within the country.



Trust me, I'm a lawyer…

Winter 2017

Catherine McGregor

The growth of technology as a means of conducting relationships and transactions is changing the role of trust in business and beyond. In her column, Catherine McGregor explores how the concept of trust is evolving and what the upshot is for in-house lawyers.



Oscar Eduardo Gómez, Grupo Prodeco

Winter 2017

As head of the legal team for Glencore’s coal mining operations in Colombia, Gómez describes the importance of keeping sustainability front of mind.




Winter 2017

Tim Girvin, Latin America Editor

The Legal 500’s Latin America editor, Tim Girven, considers the contemporary market for legal services across the continent and whether they constitute a fit-for-purpose solution for modern business.



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