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Bepi Pezzulli
Group general counsel, managing director
of corporate affairs and board secretary
A former army officer, Bepi Pezzulli embarked on his legal studies in LUISS
Guido Carli University and subsequently gained LLM and JD qualifications
fromNewYork University School of Law and Columbia University School
of Law respectively. After working in private practice in NewYork for
several years, Pezzulli joined the European Bank of Reconstruction and
Development (EBRD) in London. One of the highlights of his two-year
career there was his provision of cross-border advice with respect to EU
financial services regulations and certain US regulations. Most of his legal
career after EBRD has been focused on financial markets with positions
held at some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.
Pezzulli joined the financial and strategic consultancy Turning Point
Consulting in mid-2009 as a head of legal and compliance and worked
there until 2013, when he moved to the global investment manager
BlackRock. Aside from his impressive regulatory and compliance advice at
Blackrock, Pezzulli also gained a good reputation among his peers for his
advisory work to the fund management business. Taking a step away from
the finance world, Pezzulli joined Italiaonline, an internet brand holding
company, in March 2016 and is currently group general counsel, managing
director of corporate affairs and board secretary at the company. He will
be heavily involved in the ongoing merger talks with SEAT Pagine Gialle,
which is due to complete by the middle of 2016. When asked about the
most impressive achievement in his professional career, Pezzulli points
out the effective alignment of employees and corporate models, as well
as achieving optimisation and efficiency of service delivery in former
positions. Although Pezzulli has spent most of his career outside of Italy, he
still has an exceptional reputation and will bring his experience and skill to
his new role.
Francesco Paolino
Regional legal lead
– Italy and Spain
Moving to an in-house legal career
after around a decade as an IT and
intellectual property rights private
practice lawyer, Francesco Paolino
currently acts as regional legal lead
for Italy and Spain at Avanade,
a multinational IT consultancy
firm created by a joint venture of
Accenture and Microsoft. Operating
a small team of legal professionals,
Paolino prefers outside counsel that
demonstrate a‘
clear understanding
of the business
’and take a‘
approach to the different needs of
the company
’. Since joining the
firm Paolino and his colleagues
have effectively made the function
trusted pillar for the company
business leadership’
. In reference to
his leadership, one source explains
how Paolino‘
embraces the common
goal and helps the whole teamget
there - all while fiercely defending
the overall legal safety and security
of the organisation as his core
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