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Nominations are now closed. The GC Powerlist: Nordics Teams will be published in
September 2016.

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Partner – Norway

There is an emerging shift towards international trends concerning the role of the General Counsel and law firms. The new General Counsel is expected to combine legal aspects with commercial viable solutions. In turn, the demand and necessity for innovation, commercial thinking and knowledge sharing between the law firms and General Counsels is growing. In addition, procurement of legal services is becoming increasingly more diverse and complex. We anticipate these challenges will accelerate in the coming years, putting pressure on law firms to apply fresh thinking to old habits.

Daily, Selmer's lawyers engage with extremely capable and knowledgeable General Counsels and corporate legal departments. We experience, first-hand, the great number of Norwegian General Counsels who possess an exceptionally high level of expertise on an international scale. It is in this matter a great pleasure to now have the opportunity to acknowledge their achievements and expertise, in partnership with the renowned brand Legal 500.

Throughout Selmer's short history we have striven to work in innovative ways, constantly among the first to adopt new ideas. We are committed to finding solutions to new market trends in order to meet the requirements and needs of our current and future clients, many of which we hope to celebrate at the GC Powerlist event.

We are truly proud to be selected as The Legal 500's GC Powerlist partner in Norway and look forward to welcoming you to the event.

Marius Ovesen
Managing Director


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