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Building on the research already carried out for The Legal 500, we will speak to leading law firms and in-house counsel across the globe, to identify the most powerful corporate legal advisers. Nominating lawyers can be at a firm or an in-house lawyer. Individuals will not be ranked in order of preference, or by quotas according to industry sectors. Nominees will not know who nominated them. The final list of the best General Counsels will be published on the 21st September.

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Partner – Norway

We are honoured and pleased to congratulate the General Counsels being admitted and nominated to The Legal 500’s GC Powerlist: Norway. The role of General Counsels has changed during the years, with an increasing focus on the importance of being present when the company evaluates strategic and operational possibilities, challenges, and threats

The management in large and medium sized companies is more dependent than ever before on having General Counsels and Legal Departments that have a strong combination of academic skills and business acumen. General Counsels and Legal Departments that possess such skills will contribute with value-added advice and recommendations to management and the Board of Directors in improving the competitive sphere for the company, inhibit and solve problems that occur and spot the possibilities a constantly development world bring.

Arntzen de Besche works closely with General Counsels and Legal departments in large and medium-sized Norwegian and International companies within a high number of sectors and countries. The combination of the perspectives, challenges and possibilities they experience, motives and thrives us in constantly focusing on new thinking, improvement of the services we provide and how we can even more fulfil the demands of the General Counsels and Legal departments. We know the challenges General Counsel and Legal departments face within different sectors.

Legal areas such as compliance, data security, privacy, digitalization and corporate governance are given an increasingly higher focus and attention in the board room and management meetings. General Counsels and law firms must be innovative to maintain strong competitive advantages.

Again, we congratulate all of the General Counsels who have been admitted into the GC Powerlist. Your work, knowledge and dedication provide true value to shareholders, employees and stakeholders.

Sven Iver Steen
Managing Partner
Arntzen de Besche


Nominations now open!

Nominations are now open for: Canada Teams, China Teams, Southeast Asia and United States.

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